How to choose your first Anime Body Pillow

Are you wondering what is the best size for your anime body pillow? Which material will be the smoothest? Or even what to consider before buying your dakimakura? If so, this article is made for you! 😍

Anime body pillows have become mainstream in the otaku culture since the late 90s. A true otaku knows it’s worth and the benefits that come with it. However, not everyone knows what to look out for when they’re starting out in their dakimakura journey.

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Here, we’ll not only uncover the hidden benefits and reason behind the dakimakura craze, we’ll also give you dakimakura newbies some useful pointers so you can start shopping for your anime body pillow like a pro! 

What is Dakimakura?

In case you don’t know what a Dakimakura is, it is essentially a large body pillow. In Japanese, “Daki" literally means hugging, while “makura” translates to pillow.

Outside Japan, dakimakura is often associated with hardcore anime fans by featuring anime character images on dakimakura covers. Hence, the term Anime Body Pillow.


What are anime Body Pillows used for?

Contrary to popular belief, body pillows have been around way before it made it’s way into the otaku culture. In Japan body pillows or rather dakimakuras were often used for emotional support.

Remember how you used to curl up under your security blanket or snuggle with your favorite stuffed toy to sleep soundly at night?

Well, dakimakura is no different. Except that they’re also often used by grown ups for physical support as it helps straighten out spinal strains. They acts as arm and leg support, and generally relaxes your muscles for a good night’s sleep.


Fun Fact

Dakimakura are sometimes also referred to as “love pillows”. Like everything else on the internet, there is also a darker side to dakimakuras. So it may not be the best idea to shop for your anime body pillow at work! For the sake of keeping this article clean, I won’t get into the juicy details. But be sure to comment if you would like us to write a separate piece on that. 😜  

Body Pillows As The Perfect Cuddle Partner

This cuddle confidante helps you reduce not just physical strains but also reduces your frustration and anxiety in your difficult times. Similarly, it helps reduce depression and restlessness caused due to loneliness.

Body pillows are often termed as “Wife Pillows” or rather “Love Pillows” as they are most commonly used by men to satisfy their needs of being with a partner. Anime Body Pillows rose to popularity majorly due to this reason. People could relate more to the body pillow as being a close partner because of life-sized character images.

Besides their mind-calming effects, body pillows are also great for using in a car for long drives. This gives you the effect of driving with a partner as well as relaxing your spine when used as a seat cushion.

Moreover, the anime characters that they dearly loved and could only watch on-screen would now serve them as their cuddle partners. If you can not stop fantasizing about your beloved anime sweetheart, well, you can then fulfill your fantasies using the Anime Body Pillows.

The Ideal Way To Use A Body Pillow

Body pillows are beneficial not just for your mind but also for your body. There are not one but many ways to use a body pillow for ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Here are some ways you could use your cuddle buddy:

Place it along the length of your body

When you place the body pillow along the length of your body, it allows your spine to be in the ideal position. You can wrap your arms along with the pillow and get a good night's sleep without developing back pains due to incorrect posture.

Moreover, placing the pillow beside you can give you the feeling of utmost comfort and loving companionship, thus inducing a night of peaceful sleep.

Place it between your legs

If you have abdominal cramps or a lower backache, it is always ideal to sleep with a long pillow between your legs. You can place the body pillow as per your comfort right between your legs for easing your back pain by keeping your spine straight.

Use it vertically on your couch

When you are relaxing on the couch, you feel the need to relax or cuddle. Here’s where body pillows come into play. A dakimakura gives you the ideal cuddle partner for your movie marathons and midnight tv binge sessions. It also helps you sit or lie comfortably as it is long enough to be used both horizontally and vertically.

Place it on your car seat

If you’re heading out on a long drive, a body pillow can be the ideal back support or journey partner for you. You can place it in your RV or vertically on your car seat for the ultimate comfort.

Make it U-shaped for back support

Sometimes doctors suggest that you sleep on your side instead of sleeping on your back. However, it is almost impossible not to roll over to your back in your sleep. Body pillows can help prevent that if you use it in a loose U-shape. The U-shape provides support to your back and helps you sleep comfortably on either side.

Best Dakimakura Size?

The traditional dakimakura is usually 50x160cm. However, due to expensive international shipping costs, 50cmx150cm was actually created for budget-conscious anime fans outside of Japan and is growing in popularity.

Nowadays, there are also cheaper and smaller dakimakuras that have pre-printed anime characters on them, but let’s not fool ourselves...

For most otakus like myself, the main appeal of owning a dakimakura is to be able to lie next to life-sized anime characters in our rooms and being able switch out the covers with our various anime characters whenever we want. 


Fantasize waking up to your favorite waifu or husbando? Well, now we can live that fantasy! Sure, you may have their posters, figurines or even small pre-printed dakimakuras… but it is nothing like having your favourite life-sized anime character to hug and squeeze whenever you need a little extra comfort!

So if you can, I'd recommend going for 160x50cm or at least a 150cmx50cm size for the dreamy dakimakura experience. Plus, it also makes for great aesthetic appeal to your otaku sanctuary

Dakimakuras tend to be quite expensive so for first timers, I’d suggest just getting one that you can afford. Honestly, if you’re not picky, you will barely feel the difference. Besides, the point is to cover them up with different anime character designs. So don’t go breaking your bank! 

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Touch and Feel of Anime Body Pillows

Besides making sure your anime body pillow cover has quality zippers and prints, a good daki experience is all about the touch and feel of your beloved waifu and husbando!

2Way Tricot

Which is why you don’t want to stinge on quality anime body pillow covers. There are various types of materials out there, but to go straight to the point, I’d highly recommend getting the 2-way tricot (2WT). Yes, it is the most expensive one amongst all the different materials, but there is a reason why it is still the most commonly sold body pillow cover. 

2-way refers to the material being able to stretch both ways and tricot is a method of weaving. As reference of how it looks or feels like, You’ll often find tricot fabric in sportswear, swimwear, etc. It is delicate, soft, smooth, anti-wrinkle with high precision printing. The best part is that the tricot material keeps you warm on cold nights and doesn’t get too hot on warmer nights. 


Peach Skin

On the other hand, if you are really short on budget and are not picky about the material, peach skin is another material that comes with high precision printing. It’s smooth, so it prints nicely and is very durable. However keep in mind that it is 100% Polyester, so there is minimal stretch and not as comfortable. 

 Therefore, if you can afford it, go for the 2-way Tricot as the touch and feel between the two materials are definitely worth the extra investment! 

How Much Are Anime Body Pillow Covers?

Anime Body Pillow Covers usually range from 50 to 90 USD or more.💸 Why are they so expensive? Well, besides the large prints, you are essentially buying artwork from passionate artists that make our dream to sleep with our waifus or husbandos come true. 

You can certainly find cheaper options out there, however the quality might disappoint and might ruin your first dakimakura experience.


How to Wash and Maintain An Anime Body Pillow?

Cleaning an anime body pillow cover can seem quite intimidating for first timers as we want to keep our precious cover clean and undamaged. However, it's really not that complicated.

Hand wash

Just like your delicates, the best method would be to hand wash it thoroughly in cold water and delicate detergent, then simply air dry them. When washing, flip the dakimakura cover inside out. This will maximize the lifespan of your anime body pillow cover, ensuring that the color won’t fade as fast over time. 


Washing Machine

Or, if you have a really good washing machine, you can set it to the delicate setting and have them air dried. Please note that all washing machines are different so if you want to be sure, stick to hand washing. 

How many times do I wash my pillow cover?

Obviously, you don't want to wash them too frequently to prolong the amount of washing, just make sure you're clean when you cuddle with your waifu or husbando. If you want to go the extra length, you can also store them in the dakimakura bags when you're not using them.

When it comes to air drying, make sure you're not air drying them under direct sunlight as that will cause fading to your prints as well. 

How to clean a Stains on Anime Body Pillows?

Oh No! I've Got Stains On My Anime Body Pillow!😱 

Well, it happens to the best of us but please do not throw it away just yet! If they are fresh stains, quickly wet the stained surface and pour a generous amount of baking soda on it.

You can add a few drops of water to create a paste, leave it in a safe place to dry naturally, and pray that the stain is not a permanent one.Stay away from bleach or other special chemicals for whitening clothes. 

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