Zero Two Body Pillow

Discover the body pillow of the famous waifu Zero Two!

One of the most famous waifu here in the collection is Zero Two Body Pillow. She is looking for a new partner to fly and fight with her. Will you ignore her bad reputation as a partner killer and trust her?

Why a Zero Two body pillow?  

Because you'll never be tired of Zero Two, wild and untamable, she'll brighten your days and nights with her cushion cover. Long seen as a monster because of her Klaxosaur blood and horns, she has put herself aside from other humans. Accompany her on her journey to become a human. Hopefully, you too will have the chance to be perhaps graced with the nickname "Darling."

Plus, with her long body pillow, you'll be combining comfort with pleasure. Our cushions are ergonomic and designed primarily to be hugged comfortably while watching your favorite manga.