Zero Two Body Pillow

Enjoy your waifu with the Zero Two Body Pillow!

You will find here our collection of Zero Two Pillows. Your beautiful waifu from Darling in the Franxx is waiting to meet you. Don't sleep alone. Make some space in the bed for Zero Two! 

 We don't even have to introduce her anymore! She unleashes passion everywhere she goes. The hands of the most vigorous start to shake with devotion by mentioning its name. You will have understood she is one of the most famous and appreciated waifu of these past years and one of the characters to have on your dakimakura cushion. 

You will encounter in the collection of our dakimakura of Zero Two, full of different designs for your Darling. How you prefer your waifu is up to you! We have prepared for you in her battle dress, nightgown, and even a swimsuit. She is looking for a new serious partner who is not afraid to fly and fight with her. She's not a shy girl. She won't be scared to take the first step. So, do you feel capable? Will you ignore her bad reputation as a partner killer and trust her? Beware, she has a reputation for killing all her partners during the third fight!

Who is the waifu Zero Two?

Zero Two is the main heroine of the anime DARLING in the FRANXX. She is the hump, the main girl. Zero Two is a human-klaxo Sapien hybrid and a member of the special forces of the EPA. Her job is mainly to fight in the front line. She is known as an elite parasite. Her codename is "002", also infamously known as the "Partner Slayer," Zero Two has always accepted the loneliness caused by her horns and Klaxosaur blood.
Although she didn't care about human lives or her own and was used to fighting solo, she became increasingly interested in Hiro and offered him the chance to fly with her, making him her new partner and "sweetheart. After Hiro could fly with her more than three times, the duo became the latest member of the 13th Plantation, flying the powerful FRANXX Strelizia.

Why should you have a Zero Two Body Pillow?

Because you'll never tire of Zero Two, wild and untamable, she'll brighten your days and nights with her pillow cover. Support her in her mad quest for freedom. Long is considered a monster because of her Klaxosaur blood and horns. She has shunned other humans. Join her on her journey to becoming a human. And let's face it, she's simply irresistible. Many are crazy about her slender design, beautiful pink hair, and generous curves. To put it bluntly, Zero Two is merely sexy and adorable at the same time. Give it 100%, take a chance, and hopefully, you will also be blessed with the nickname "Darling" if you survive this long. Plus, with its long-body pillow, you'll combine comfort with fun. Our cushions are ergonomic and designed primarily to be hugged while watching your favorite manga. If you're crazy about Zero Two, it's time to step up to the plate and feel close to her. 

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