Darkness Body Pillow

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      Your Waifu will always be close to you with this Darkness cushion cover 

      If you also have an inexplicable attraction to pain and tears. You have probably made the beautiful blonde girl Darkness your Waifu. Despite her masochistic side, she can be tender and cuddly.

      Why a Body Pillow Darkness?

      Because she is young, tall, beautiful and brave of course! As you probably know, Darkness is one of the three female protagonists of the series. Don't stay alone. Your waifu will always be with this dakimakura cover. Thanks to this cushion cover, your dreams will be filled with epic battles with your favorite crusader. Moreover, with its cushion, you will protect yourself from back and neck pain.

      She gives herself noble, proud, and mature airs, but you will quickly discover her crazy side. She is known to be a masochistic pervert, and her greatest desire is to find an influential person to fight against. Can you be the one who can compete with her destructive whims? 

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