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      Let Esdeath Take Over You…

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      Cuddle with the Dakimakura of Esdeath

      If Esdeath from Akame ga Kill is the undisputed Waifu of your wildest dreams, rejoice, because you’ve just landed at the most epic collection of Esdeath Body pillows. The question is, will you be able to handle her Sadistic and Ice-cold charms? Or will you become her cute pet, letting Esdeath have her way with you? Either way, start with buying yourself one of these stunning pillows today! These seductive Anime pillows are woven with the softest and most comfortable fabric, becoming the ideal cuddling companions for you at night. Esdeath will not let you feel lonely anymore, as her affections know no bounds. You get to improve your posture all while staring into her eyes…This is an absolute must-have!

      Enticing Body Pillows of Esdeath!

      Take your pick from among these suggestive Esdeath Body Pillows to quench your Otaku thirst once and for all, all while bidding any back pains goodbye. Esdeath can be quite submissive in bed, but she is more than ready to do anything to make her beloved feel good. Embrace perpetual bliss as you peacefully fall asleep and the first thing you’ll see in the morning is her. Besides a Pillow, this good, some wildly eventful dreams of your beloved Waifu are almost guaranteed. This Esdeath pillow may be something you never thought you needed, but at this point, it's a pure necessity. A cushion of this quality can easily relieve your stress and grant you a perfect night's sleep beside your Waifu. Picture yourself falling prey to Esdeath and her fantasies in bed, printed in her full majesty on this exotic pillow. A feast like this at such a reasonable price…. What’s keeping you?

      Know the difference!

      Sometimes, nothing is more blood-curdling than seeing your Waifu portrayed incorrectly somewhere. Worry not, because this Dakimakura collection strives to be as accurate as possible, doing justice to all the characters. These Dakimakura are specially designed to give you superb physical therapy and emotional support throughout the day. Let Esdeath’s chilly Blue eyes and voluptuous figure enslave you, and unwind at the mercy of her Demon's Extract Teigu.  Insomnia will become a thing of the past with one or more of these pillows at your side. So settle down, relax and let Esdeath you out of your phone addiction. Esdeath admirers have a thing for women who are manipulative and barbarously sadistic on the outside but do a complete 360 when in private with their beloved. Once she falls in love with someone, she would look at nobody else the same and continuously strive to win their heart. Her bloodlust and thirst for powerful opponents can only be subsided with the love of her beloved. So make sure you stay as loyal to her as she is to you! These Dakimakura are also very aesthetically pleasing, a worthy contender to become the greatest attraction of your room. What’s more, she will be sure to impress any cultured guests gracing your abode!

      Who is Esdeath?

      If you’re here, you probably already know. Esdeath is a very high-ranking General of the Empire in the Akame ga Kill series. Due to the effectiveness of Night Raid, a covert assassination division of the Revolutionary Army, she came to the spotlight as the leader of the Jaegers. As a special Police Squad tasked with culling criminal activity within the Capital under orders from the Prime Minister, Esdeath takes her job seriously. Esdeath has a severe lack of empathy for people she deems weak, harboring a “Survival of the fittest” mindset. She is sadistic both physically and emotionally but treats her subordinates well enough to inspire intense loyalty and devotion in them. She loves fighting strong opponents, is greatly charismatic, and shows clear judgment in alignment with her beliefs. Most of all, she would love the one in charge of her heart boundlessly…  

      Fancy a different Husbando/Waifu?

      Is Esdeath too rough for you? Don’t worry, we all have different tastes and there are plenty of other Husbando/Waifu Dakimakura waiting for you. So take your time to browse through our collection and see if something catches your eye. The perfect choice may only be a few clicks away… 

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