Todoroki Body Pillow

Between ice and fire, Todoroki Body Pillow

Todoroki Shoto's Body Pillow cover is here for your greatest good. One of the most popular heroes of the popular anime "My Hero Academia" will accompany you on your nights. His mysterious and lonely side has made many people fall in love with him.

Why a Todoroki Shoto dakimakura?

You will sleep soundly with a Todoroki husbando by your side. With its long body cushion, the dakimakura guarantees you an improved sleeping experience and reduces pressure points. And who wouldn't like to wake up hugging the beautiful Todoroki Shoto?

Todoroki is a natural hero. He has a Quirk that gives him the ability to master both ice and fire. This versatile power makes him one of the most powerful heroes of his class. We are dealing here with a complex and well-written character who had a tumultuous childhood.

The manga, via Todoroki, teaches us that we must face our heritage and past but not lock ourselves in it. We are masters of our destiny and must build ourselves the person we will be tomorrow.

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