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      akeno dakimakura pillow

      Akeno from High School DxD is Rias Gremory's queen and her best friend.
      A dakimakura Akeno will be a great add-on to your room. It will be nice as a decoration item, but it will also become the perfect friend to cuddle with during the night. As you may know, this pillow will make you fill less lonely in your bed and improve your sleep position. It comes in two types of fabric; Peach Skin and 2 Way Tricots. Jump in the free delivery offer to enjoy your dear waifu at home. 

      Cuddle with the Dakimakura of Akeno

      If Akeno from Kuoh Academy is the waifu of your dreams, you should have found this epic collection of Akeno Body pillows sooner. Will you be able to handle the full force of her angelic charms? Or will you melt away on her cloud-like thighs? There is no better way to find out than buying yourself one of these stunning pillows today! These devilishly seductive Anime pillows are woven with the most soft and comfortable fabric, becoming the perfect companions for cuddling under the cover at night. You will no longer feel lonely atop your bed because Akeno is here to keep you company, improve your posture, and gaze only at you for however long you desire. This is a 10/10 must-have Waifu pillow!

      Gorgeous Body Pillows of Akeno!

      Take your pick from among these stunning Akeno Body Pillows to permanently quench your Otaku thirst, with the bonus of bidding any back pains you’ve suffered from goodbye. Akeno knows precisely how to make you feel divine, leaving you in perpetual bliss as you fall asleep. Don’t worry. She’ll be right beside you when you awaken, staring right at you no less. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have some wild dreams with your beloved Waifu as well. This Akeno pillow might be something you never thought you needed, but at this point, it's a necessity. This quality cushion can quickly relieve stress and bestow a perfect night's sleep beside your Waifu. Picture yourself falling asleep while snuggling with Akeno, printed in her full majesty on this pillow, sharing your bed with you. A treat like this at such a reasonable price…. What’s holding you back?  

      Know the difference!

      We know the feelings of despair that come with seeing your favorite Waifu/Husbando portrayed incorrectly. This is why you should focus on this Dakimakura collection in particular: these are as accurate as possible. These Dakimakura are designed to provide adequate physical therapy and emotional support. Let Akeno’s violet eyes and voluptuous figure enslave you as you fall into this Reincarnated Devil’s world.  As a bonus, insomnia will no longer bother you after purchasing one or more of these pillows. So lie down, relax and allow Akeno to whisk you away to dreamland as you finally get the better of your phone addiction. Akeno admirers prefer girls who look sweet and innocent on the outside but are secretly sadistic and remorseless. She is as elegant as they come, the embodiment of the ideal Japanese woman. Her gorgeous smile will forever be preserved as long as you’re up for quelling the storm beneath her calm. No matter how you look at it, there's no better way to start and end your day. Don’t forget how aesthetically pleasing these Dakimakura are, as it sports a perfect image of Akeno. It would undoubtedly contribute a ton to making your room stellar!

      Who is Akeno?

      Himejima Akeno is the daughter of Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel Cadre who became Grigori's Vice-Governor General and Shuri Himejima. As such, she is a descendant of the Himejima Clan. Following the death of her mother, Akeno was found and then made the Queen of Rias Gremory, her best friend. No matter how outwardly seductive and mature she seems, this lady is still very innocent and emotional towards those she loves and acts like a normal girl whenever with her beloved. Don’t let her calm and clear demeanor fool you into thinking that she doesn’t get jealous. Akeno is more than ready to fight for your affections!

      Why Akeno Body Pillow Cover 

      Akeno is the perfect wife material. Everyone loves her because she is elegant and gentle. This Akeno Waifu Body Pillow will make your friends envious!  Akeno, one of the main characters of High school DxD, is all cute and innocent until she starts to battle. The former fallen angel know to be highly sadistic and love to see her enemies in great pain. Is Akeno not the perfect fit for you? Fear not. There are numerous other Husbando/Waifu Dakimakura for you to browse through and choose from. Hang around and pick the one that instantly catches your eye 

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