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      The dakimakuras of one of the most mythic anime series are here. Join Usagi Tsukino in her fight for love and justice. She may seem immature and naive at times, but she knows how to stand up for what is right. You and everyone else have the right to love. That's what these cushion covers are for.

      Star-Struck Sailor Moon Body Pillows

      What luck you must have to stumble upon this celestial collection of Sailor Moon Body Pillows today! These stunning Dakimakura of Usagi Tsukino are the best bed companions if you’ve chosen her as your Waifu. Thanks to these fabulous covers of Usagi, you can now cuddle with her to your heart’s content all night long. Finally, there’s no better way to win your Waifu in this world.  Isn't Usagi the best Sailor Guardian in the universe? Rejoice because you can now fall into blissful slumber every night while gazing into her sparkling eyes. Of course, there’s no better contender to be your personal Guardian Angel.

      Moreover, she’ll always be beside you as you awaken each morning. Embrace her tightly in your arms and never let go because the trials and tribulations she has gone through are no laughing matter. You can also kiss your phone addictions or insomnia goodbye because these Dakimakura will hog your attention! It’s challenging to get back on your feet after a tough day, but knowing that Usagi is lovingly awaiting you at home will grant you newfound energy. These Dakimakura are not just mere pillows. They are your emotional support 24/7! These are also carefully woven with high-quality fabric to ensure peaceful sleep. You can spoon Usagi to your heart's content as she whisks you away far away, where you might have some spicy dreams. Your body is guaranteed the utmost comfort, and you will wake up feeling rejuvenated. These would also become cultured decorations for your room, the undisputed highlight of your abode that would mesmerize all guests.

      Why should you get an Usagi Body Pillow?

      A long pillow, a.k.a. Japanese pillow is meticulously crafted to grant its excellent user sleep. They will ensure the perfect sleeping postures while relaxing your muscles and joints. May you never feel lonely in bed again because Sailor Moon is here to save the day. As the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice, she is kind, gentle, and selfless through and through. She loves eating with her friends and does everything she can to save everyone, so you’ll be in great hands!

      Who is Sailor Moon?

      The beautiful young girl Usagi Tsukino is Sailor Moon behind the eyes of the public and is also the titular protagonist of her series. Originally hailing from a prosperous civilization on the Moon, the Moon Kingdom, she ended up being reborn on Earth, where she re-awakened as the leader of the Sailor Senshi. Usagi is always ready to sacrifice herself or something of hers to save any person, no matter how bad an idea may seem. She deeply cares for her friends and family, always believing in the best in people. This Princess believes in true love and helping others, showing much interest in crushes and marriages. When this girl truly falls in love with someone, she remains loyal and loving to the maximum. 

      Fan of another Husbando/Waifu? 

      Is Sailor Moon not the Waifu/Husbando you were searching for? That’s perfectly understandable because we all have different tastes. The Dakimakura of your dreams is eagerly waiting for you somewhere within our expansive collection, so take your time to browse the site at your leisure… 

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