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      Discover our Nami Body Pillow Cover

      The favorite waifu from the anime One piece has her own pillow covers. She will be yours to sleep and cuddle with. 

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      The most seductive Nami Body Pillows!

      Righteous pirate, you have found yourself the ultimate treasure trove of Nami Pillows! These Dakimakura of Nami are worth their weight in gold if you’ve selected her as your waifu. Thanks to these stunning covers of the Straw Hat Navigator, you can now sleep and cuddle with her all you want. Can you imagine a better way to hold her close to your heart? 

      When Nami joined the Crew as its third member and first female, she looked more like a kid than a mature woman. But if you stuck around long enough, you’d know that Post-Time Skip Nami is a legendary beauty and capable Pirate. So prepare to fall asleep every night as you gaze at this orange-haired Cartographer. There’s no way you’d refuse such an offer! Moreover, you'll wake up every morning to see her beside you. Imagine how you can hold her in your arms and give her all the love she deserves. Even the greatest of pirates need fun holidays and sound sleep. No more phone addictions or insomnia at night because this Dakimakura will grab all your attention! 

      Had a terrible day? Don’t worry. You’ll always find solace in knowing that Nami is waiting for you on your bed, ready to soothe your nerves. These Dakimakura are more than just pillows. They are your emotional support 24/7. These body pillows are crafted with high-quality fabric that promises wonderful dreams and peaceful slumber. May Nami seduce you every step of the way, and you’ll awaken feeling energized. These beauties will give your body the most incredible comfort, all while being the ideal decoration for your room. It might as well become the best highlight of your abode, captivating anyone who decides to tour your space. 

      Why should you get a Nami Body Pillow?

      These long Japanese pillows are well-known to be excellent for supporting sound sleep. This is because these dakimakura pillows ensure the correct sleeping posture, all while relaxing your tired muscles and joints. May you never feel lonely in the comfort of your own bed again, as Nami is there to show you the way. Nami is one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, after all, with undying loyalty to her friends. Should any danger loom, she is a very accomplished and agile polearm user who makes excellent use of her wits to compensate for her lack of physical strength. 

      Who is Nami?

      Fans’ beloved "Cat Burglar" Nami is the official navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. She joined them during the Orange Town Arc and held onto her dream of someday making a map of the entire world. With a bounty of 366,000,000 on her head, she is the third most intelligent character in East Blue.  

      Post-time skips, Nami is less prone to overreacting, scolding, and hitting the crew for their rash actions and more willing to participate in their “activities.” Despite growing calm and confident over the years, she is still a "scaredy-cat" occasionally. She still panics in imminent danger, but her love for money and the Straw Hats lets her press forward regardless. Don’t try to peek at her (without permission, of course) or challenge her to any drinking competitions!   

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      Everyone has various tastes and preferences. So being more interested in a different Waifu or Husbando is normal. If you’re set on these gorgeous Dakimakura, but prefer a different character, go ahead and browse our cozy pillow collections with so many other stunning Waifus/Husbandos on them!

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