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      Rejoice. You’ve found the ultimate loot box of Azur Lane Body Pillows. These Dakimakura of your favorite Azur Lane Waifus are the perfect companions to keep you company at night. Thanks to these gorgeous covers of your chosen Secretary, you may now sleep and snuggle with her to your heart’s content. Can you imagine a better way to keep your beloved so close to your heart? Just relax and let the ethereal beauties of Azur Lane carry you off to dreamland. Your options include Akagi, Hood, Kaga, Amagi, Noshiro, Cushi, Tahou, Takao, Tashkent, Persus, and so on! You won’t believe the wide assortment of Waifus just waiting to welcome you into their loving arms. So prepare to fall asleep each night as you gaze into the adoring eyes of your shipgirl. Don’t forget that you'll be waking up to her every morning too. What a way to start the day! Embrace her tightly in your arms and give her all the love she deserves, such that all the fatigue from battle just disappears. No matter how strong she is in battle, we all need to rest at some point. Bid all phone addictions or insomnia you’ve had goodbye, and allow this Dakimakura to hog all your attention! 

      Had a bad day? Don’t worry. Your dreamy Waifu is eagerly awaiting your return home. These Dakimakura are more than just pillows. They are your emotional support. Let it also be known that these body pillows are crafted using high-quality fabric that guarantees blissful slumber. Let their beautiful eyes seduce you into uninterrupted slumber, and you’ll wake up feeling fully recharged. It will give your body the utmost comfort, all while being the ideal decoration for your cultured room. This is the soon-to-be highlight of your bed, dazzling any and all guests who visit.

      Why should you get an Azur Lane Body Pillow? 

      A long pillow, also known as a Japanese pillow, is proven excellent for sound sleep. These dakimakura pillows will ensure a perfect sleeping posture while relaxing your tired muscles and joints. May you never feel lonely again, no matter what time of day it is, as your Secretary will always be there for you. After all, the eponymous military alliance exists to save everyone from the dreads of War and beyond. The Siren's technology may be intimidating, but neither the Red Axis nor the Azur Lane will waver in their duties. Protecting you in every way possible is just what they do, so accept it! 

      Who are the Azur Lane Girls?

      When the threat of the Sirens befell the world, humanity was left divided and in complete solidarity. Four brave countries, the Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood, collectively formed the Azur Lane, which granted mankind their first victory against their common enemy. But as opposing ideals arose, the alliance divided into the Red Axis and Azur Lane... The experienced "Grey Ghost" Enterprise now shoulders Azur Lane's hope for ending this terrible war. But don’t let her stoic persona fool you. She is a frail girl who is afraid of the ocean. This does not stop her from fighting, though, as she believes it's the only purpose for her existence. Around the same time, Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn from the Union meet Ayanami, a spy from the Red Axis. Their best efforts to become friends prove futile, but their hopes and dreams continue to persevere. While this human war seems endless, the ultimate keys to uniting this fragmented race still exist. Yes, in the form of a soldier coming to terms with her mysterious personality and camaraderie between differing ideals…Thus unfolds the story of these girls, seemingly forever trapped in the wars of humanity… 

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      We all have different tastes and preferences. That’s precisely why we have a plethora of different Husbandos, and Waifus featured on Body Pillows here. Your search for the perfect Dakimakura is far from over, so take your time to browse through all our collections at your leisure!

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