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      Sinon Pillow

      If Asada Shino from Sword Art Online is your favorite waifu, you have missed out on the most epic Sinon Body pillow collection till now. Would you be able to handle the full potential of this expert long-ranged fighter? Well, find out ASAp by getting yourself one of these gorgeous pillows today! These brilliantly crafted Anime pillows are made of soft and comfortable fabric, becoming the perfect cuddling companions at night. You can now blissfully stave off your loneliness while gazing at your beloved waifu 24/7!

      Dakimakura (Body pillow) of Sinon!

      Take your pick from our range of Sinon body pillows to permanently quench your Otaku thirst, all while bidding any back pains you had experienced before goodbye. Sinon knows exactly where to land her bullets, leaving you in a state of perpetual bliss as you fall asleep. The best part? She will be right there when you wake up too.  Casual fans would consider Sinon to be “weak” at close-range, but her fans know just how ruthless she is. Prepare for some spicy dreams starring your Waifu in all her glory! This Sinon pillow may be something you never knew you needed, but its value is apparent now. A cushion of this caliber can easily relieve your stress and grant you a perfect night's sleep, as you so rightfully deserve. Just imagine how sublime it would be to sleep while snuggling Sinon, printed in her full cuteness on this pillow that shares your bed with you. Such value at a very reasonable price…. What's keeping you?

      What’s the difference?

       We know what it feels like to see an inaccurate portrayal of your favorite Waifu/Husbando somewhere. You won’t have to worry about that with this Dakimakura collection, because these Sinon body pillows are as accurate as they get. Specially designed to give their user physical therapy and emotional support, you can’t go wrong here. It’s easy to get lost in Sinon’s beautiful Indigo eyes as she stares right at you. When this Snipper falls for someone, she will love them and only them, even if they will never be hers. Insomnia will never be an issue for you again, so let Sinon’s warm and delicate arms envelop you as you doze off and finally grow out of your phone addiction. If you cannot get enough of just how calm and cool Sinon is, just imagine the wonders she can do for you in bed. You’ll start each day rejuvenated and always come back to her loving embrace if things go south during the day. Her childhood trauma put her through a lot of suffering, and even though she has overcome most of it, she still needs you to be vulnerable around her. On the other hand, these Dakimakura are very aesthetically pleasing, and guaranteed to contribute a lot to make your room look very cultured and badass!

      Who is Sinon?

      Sinon’s real name is Asada Shino, a skilled Virtual Reality game player who took part in Gun Gale Online, ALfheim Online, and Project Alicization. First introduced in the Phantom Bullet Arc, she became one of the main characters in the SAO series henceforth. Be it with a Gun or a Bow & Arrow, Sinon won’t miss her mark even from two hundred meters away.  She may be a little tough to approach at first, but this level-headed beauty is a very friendly and helpful individual if given the chance. Her uncommonly kind heart allows her to extend a friendly hand even toward past enemies. Just imagine how much love and comfort she will bestow upon her beloved! 

      Eying a different Waifu?

      Is Sinon not the one for you? Worry not, there are plenty of other Waifu/Husbando Dakimakura collections for you to check out. Browse around and see if anything catches your distinguished eyes! 

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