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      Shinobu is one of the favorite characters of Demon Slayer. This young girl with a cheerful and smiling appearance hides a much more complex nature than she seems to have. Due to a tragic past that goes back to her sister's death, she keeps an intense hatred of demons. She uses her swordsmanship, agility, and poison during the fights.
      Our cushion covers are soft and comfortable, spend time with your favorite character and fall asleep by her side. 

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      Feast your eyes on these Shinobu Body Pillows!

      Welcome, wandering Samurai. You have chanced upon the ultimate collection of Shinobu Pillows. These Dakimakura of Shinobu are your dream items if you’ve long since chosen her as your waifu. With these beautiful covers of the Insect Hashira beside you, you can now snuggle next to her all night long! How else can you keep her so close to your heart?  

      Isn't Shinobu Kocho one of the most simplistic but beautiful Waifus? Here one might even argue that she is the greatest one yet!. So prepare to fall asleep every night as you get mesmerized and lost in her eyes. Moreover, you'll wake up every morning to see her beside you. Imagine the feeling you’ll get as you embrace her tightly and fall asleep under her warmth. No matter how strong a Demon Slayer she is, she deserves a warm cozy night under the sheets. Say goodbye to any phone addictions or insomnia you’ve had till now because this Dakimakura takes all your attention!  

      Had a bad day? Don’t worry. You’ll always find happiness knowing that Shinobu-san is awaiting your return atop your own bed. These Dakimakura are no everyday pillows either because they perform the dual function of being emotional support. On the other hand, these body pillows are all crafted with high-quality fabric to promote peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Let Shinobu’s magnetic eyes carry you to dreamlike, where you may experience some steamy dreams. You’ll wake up every day feeling absolutely rejuvenated, as these goodies grant you the utmost comfort, all while being a cultured decoration for your personal space. She will be the beauty of your bedroom, capable of dazzling any guests who decide to drop in. 

      Why should you get a Ganyu Body Pillow?

      A long pillow, also known as a Japanese pillow, is known to be excellent for promoting good sleep. As such, these dakimakura promise you a healthy sleeping posture, which will also relax your tired muscles and joints. Demons strike at night, so Shinobu is especially active at that time, making you never feel lonely again. Shinobu is a Hashira even at the age of 18, showing us all exactly how capable a fighter she is. Even if she doesn’t possess the physical strength required to decapitate a demon, her creativity, ingenuity and speed makes her a formidable Hashira. No monster can lay a finger on you with her around!

      Who is Shinobu Kocho?

      Shinobu is a Demon Slayer serving under the Demon Slayer Corps and is the current Insect Hashira. As the younger sister of former Hashira, Kanae Kocho, she joined the cause after a demon killed their parents, with the aim of saving others from the terrible fate she experienced. She is often seen wearing a bright, friendly and cheerful smile, with an easygoing vibe all around her. However, this external behavior is nothing more than a façade. She enjoys teasing others quite a lot, so much so that it even seems sadistic at times, with the best example being Giyu Tomioka. Don’t let her relaxed demeanor fool you though, as she can be rather cruel towards demons and strictly sticks to the code. Even so, her compassion shines through when she better understands you. Just think twice before messing with her! 

      Eying another Husbando/Waifu?

      Everyone has different tastes, so it’s perfectly understandable if you prefer a different Waifu or Husbando. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect Dakimakura featuring a different character (or even different Shinobu), browse through our numerous pillow collections featuring many stunning Waifus/Husbandos!

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