Asuna Body Pillow


      Join the game with Asuna Body Pillow!

      Find your Dakimakura of the beautiful Asuna. You can't go wrong with one of the most popular waifus. She is for many and will remain the favorite character in the series. Her design is a big part of that. The main heroine of Sword Art Online remains one of the most famous figures in the fandom. Introduced in the Aincrad Arc as the dangerous Asuna Lightning Flash, she has proven her immense strength on more than one occasion. Asuna Yuuki now has her own dakimakura cushion covers. Be ready to spend long nights with this beauty.

      Why a Dakimakura Asuna?

      Simply because this cushion has the power to make you sleep next to the beautiful Asuna! Take the time to imagine yourself meeting with the waifu of your dreams; feel here, cuddle, and snuggle up against her. The best thing is you won't have to share her with Kirito! The benefits of an Asuna Pillow:

      • Meet your Asuna in real
      • Get special protection from her
      • Decorate your Otaku room
      • Sleep comfortably with a long pillow
      • Improve your sleep position
      • Boost your mood

      It will also improve your health and comfort! This kind of item is not only a decorative object to satisfy your passion for this beauty. It is also a real asset to your health. By its shape, the dakimakura cushion will help you sleep better by relieving the pressure on your body. Moreover, you will feel less alone in your big bed; her company will boost your morale and make you sleep peacefully like a baby. Yes, but why her?

      As you know, there are many reasons to choose Asuna as a character for a pillowcase. Throughout the adventure, she has proven to be an excellent choice for this role. She's caring and combative and will support you in times of trouble. Finally, she will be able to please the gourmets with her culinary talents! Accompanied by a soft and comfy pillow, you are ready to spend your best nights.   

      Who is Asuna Yuuki? 

      Before Sword Art Online, Asuna had a very comfortable life in a big house in Setagaya with her daughter, mother, father, and brother. Initially, she attended private schools for girls. She got into Sword Art Online after borrowing her brother's NerveGear. Indeed had acquired a copy of the game and a virtual reality headset through these connections. In SAO, Asuna didn't care about dying in the game. She has quickly changed her personality since meeting Kirito. She quickly takes most things to heart and turns to Kirito for help. Asuna is a kind and helpful girl. She takes the game very seriously and aims to destroy it. She is also a bit proud and is not afraid to act alone. Asuna is a person who can be controlled and manipulated by her emotions, just like Kirito. Asuna has long orange-brown hair and brown eyes tinged with orange. During the first part of SAO, she wears a dark red leather tunic with a light copper breastplate, a red skirt, white tights, boots, and a sizeable hooded cape. She also fights with a foil called Wind Fleuret. After joining the Brotherhood of Knights, she is dressed in a red and white uniform that all members wear.

      Why will you love Asuna as your waifu?

      You probably know why you will like it because it has already won you over. Her design was made for that. She is a natural waifu bait. She is, and you won't be able to prove otherwise, sexy, loyal, polite, modest, elegant, super powerful, and the little bonus for the gourmets, she is an excellent cook. She is the ideal symbol of the perfect girlfriend in public and good support in private. She is also the leading woman, the love interest of the main character Kirito. Asuna is a dynamic and strong female character with a tsundere girlfriend's temper but can also be sweet and caring. Charming and quickly troubled, but strong and independent when needed. You won't be bored.  

      How to choose the Best Asuna Yuuki design for your Dakimakura? 

      So it's totally up to you to choose how you want to see your loved one. We have your waifu in several positions and outfits. We have Asuna's dakimakura cushion design in the in-game version and out of the game in real life. Do you want to spend a sweet night with her or change the moment of bedtime into a wild dance? Depending on that, you can choose between her kawaii and her sexy side.  

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