Asuna Body Pillow

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15 products

Join the game with Asuna Body Pillow!

Asuna Yukki now has her own dakimakura cushion covers. Are you ready to spend long nights with this beauty? Your favorite and main heroine of the SAO anime is, for many, the perfect waifu to spend the rest of her life.  

Why a Dakimakura Asuna?

As you know, there are many reasons to choose Asuna as a character for a cushion cover. Throughout the adventure, she has proven herself to be an excellent choice for this role.

She is caring, combative and will be there to support you in difficult times. Finally, she will know how to please the gourmands with her culinary talents! Accompanied by a soft and comfortable pillow, you are ready to spend your best nights. But she is not only beautiful. She is also the sub-leader of the guild of the knights of the blood.   

The other Dakimakuras of the anime SAO 

There are other dakimakuras covers of the characters from the anime to discover on Body Pillow Sword Art Online.