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      Erza From Fairy Tail

      In the world of Fairy Tail, magic is, for most people, a tool and a mundane part of everyday life. But for some, magic is an art, and they devote their lives to its practice.
      These mages band together in magical guilds to apply their skills in search of fame and fortune.


      There are many guilds across Fiore, but one particular Guild is where countless legends have been born, and that Guild's name is Fairy Tale.
      In this world, magic is everywhere, and the Fary Tail guild has some of the most talented wizards around the globe. Among the Fairy Tail wizards, there is one character that everyone in the guild fears and respects. The queen of the fairies, Erza Scarlet.

      Why do people like Fairy Tale?

      Fairy tale is an exciting show. However, half the people who have watched it are die-hard fans, and the other half hate it with a burning passion. It's the pineapple on pizza of anime.

      People have issues with Natsu or Lucy. The power of friendship, fanservice, and so much more but for other people, that's what they love about the series.

      But they are two things that everyone agrees on, though, when it comes to Fairy Tail:

      • The music is fantastic.
      • Erza starlet is one of the most badass characters in all of anime.
      So let's talk about one of the most loved characters in anime and answer the question.

      Who is her Erza Scarlet?

      Her mother abandoned erza at birth because her mother was unable to kill her. This is a solid way to start this story, and it's a whole thing. For the most part, though. It is more about Irene's character than Erza's, but it suffices to say that her Erza family tree has a ton of magic and when her mother casts her out.

      Erza's childhood   

      She wound up living in a rosemary village. She lived a pretty average life there. A few years later, when Zeref attacked the town, she was captured and brought to the Tower of heaven as a slave, where the story begins.  


      Erza at the jail 

      Erza was imprisoned with many other children. Most important was Jellal Fernandes, who gave her her surname "Scarlet" after her red hair. They were imprisoned, tortured, and forced to work physical labor.


      Among the other prisoners was a man named Rob, an elderly mage from the Fairy Tail guild who taught her about magic and gave her hope.

      Together they all planned an escape effort, but the guards quickly stopped it. They said they would bring the mastermind into the disciplinary chamber while the rest would be starved for three days Jellal offered himself as a sacrifice, saying that he was the mastermind, but the guards blamed Erza.


      Erza's Trauma 

      They took Erza away and tortured her to near-death, even resulting in the loss of her eye, while Jellal eventually did manage to rescue her. He ended up getting captured himself. Erza couldn't take it anymore and staged the revolt. It was going pretty well; however, as soon as the tower mages showed up, things quickly changed.


      Her friend, Simon's jaw, was blasted off by magic, and when Erza herself was targeted. Rob sacrificed himself to protect her. She went into a rage and awakened her magic, turning all the tools and weapons in the area against the guards and becoming victorious.

      Of course, this story is about young Erza, so you know it doesn't end there as the prisoners run for the escape boats. Jellal arrived, or at least his body did. He had been possessed by the spirit of Zeref, who explained that the only way for him to attain his freedom was for the Tower to be completed.

      Erza was out of the Tower by Jellal when she refused to help him and was forced away. Her friends remained imprisoned as enslaved people while Jellal threatened to kill them if she ever told anyone about the Tower.

      Erza at the Guild

      Erza eventually washed up on the shores of Fiore and joined the Fairy Tail guild. She was distant and finally took up the habit of wearing armor. Finally, telling shows that if she's not wearing armor, even years later. She doesn't feel secure. 


      She didn't interact with the other members much until Grey found her crying one day and asked her what was wrong. After this, she started talking to her Guild.

      What's more, I even ended up starting a rivalry with Mirajane when she joined.

      She had found her new family and quickly became the Guild's youngest s-class mage in history, and eventually, she became known as Titania, queen of the fairies, because she was so powerful.

      Erza's magic

      Now that we've covered her basic history, we must discuss magic in Fairy Tail. The magic is developed around the caster's personality and experience. You can add in the power of friendship for some maneuvers, but, for the most part, on a base level, as I explained it best when she said, what's important isn't the magic. It's the heart of the wielder.


      So the heart is often represented in what magic the character can use. For examples,

      • Lucy was a wizard who dreamed of having as many friends as possible, and her magic allowed her to summon friends in the form of celestial spirits.
      • Makarov, the master of the Guild. He sees his guildmates as his children, and he's able to grow in size so they can look up to him while he protects them as a parent would.
      • Wendy is kind-hearted and caring and can cast support magic. 

      And then we come to Erza. As I explained, basically from birth, she had everything taken from her.

      • Her mother tried to kill her and abandoned her.
      • Her village was destroyed. She was enslaved and tortured.
      • She watched as her friend Simon mutilated.
      • Her mentor Rob sacrificed himself for her.
      • Her best friend Jalal was possessed by the ultimate evil and blackmailed her into silence before forcing her to leave the rest of her friends behind.

      To say that she had a rough go of things is an understatement. Every time she got close to other people, either they were hurt, or she was. She loved her friends with every inch of her heart because with each new friend came a chance that this time could be different. But it never was.

      She couldn't protect herself, and she couldn't save those around her. She became afraid of getting too close to people because they could hurt her and because she knows how much it hurts to lose those people, bringing us to her unique form of re-equip magic.

      The night Erza can store weapons and armor inside a pocket dimension and equip them at will. In the case of weapons, she can move them around with something like telekinesis.

      The first time Erza uses this magic is to defend her friends in the Tower of heaven; however, those friends were taken away anyways. Then she begins isolating
      herself and wears literal armor to keep people away. However, it isn't until she starts warming up to others and making friends that she can begin to master her magic.

      At its core, the magic is specifically designed to keep herself and her friends safe. She can swap between over a hundred different armor and weapons to ensure that she can protect herself and her friends in any situation. She tells Ozma that all the power she needs is to protect her friends, as long as she has the strength to do that.

      She doesn't care if she's weaker than everyone else, and she can do that.

      Erza Armor

      Erza is ready for anything and everything, but at the core of almost all of her forms is protecting herself in most cases.

      Except for using the adamantine armor to save her Guild from the Jupiter cannon. Her armor, as I said, is built to defend herself, and the weapons, on the other hand, are summoned to fight for her friends.


      However, there is an armor that flips this. If Erza needs to push herself beyond her limits, she almost always relies on transparent heart clothing. It's just regular clothes with no special powers.


      However, if urges armor as a whole is used to represent the walls she creates, then this armor breaks those walls down and allows her to be herself, which tends to be pretty badass. She's no longer protecting herself; now, she only summons weapons to fight for her friends. And in a show where the power of friendship is used to push people beyond their limits, it makes sense that urges greatest strength comes from tearing down the walls that she once used to keep others away.

      She said. "I was once weak, I was always afraid, I hid my tears, but I kept going and believing. I followed my heart, and I found my courage." In most cases, when people think of Erza, they think of her fighting a hundred monsters, destroying a meteor, cutting down a dragon, or maybe even beating Kyoka without having any of her senses except her sense of pain.

      Why do people love Erza? 

      She is a badass in every word, which is why it can be easy for people to forget that Erza is one of the most tragic characters in the series. Almost every one of the iconic armors she uses in those badass scenes is a physical representation of how scared and insecure she feels, and in every fight, those armors end up not being enough.


      We see her jumping into armor that breaks down the walls she put up. But those are my thoughts on Erza. She's a tragic yet badass character who developed magic to keep herself and those she loves safe.


      But what do you think about Erza and Fairy Tail as a whole? I'm in the camp of people who like the series. I don't think the plot or the scaling is excellent, but I've always loved how the characters interact.

      Many of the characters can be flat, but it also has characters like Erza or Lucy, who have had me on the edge of tears, if not bursting out crying. 

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