Levi Body Pillow

Captain Levi Ackerman's Body Pillow

Wake up with the body pillow cushion cover of the very famous captain of the tactical squad. Here you will find a series of specially dedicated pillows for him. He loves order and discipline but has a softer side that he rarely shows.

Why a Dakimakura Levi? 

Because he's simply the baddest character in the series. He'll protect you with his blades and slice any unwary titans in half around your bed frame. Yes, we have a lot of imagination...  Here are all the benefits of this pillow:

  • Meet your husbando in real
  • Get special protection from Levi
  • Decorate your AOT room
  • Sleep comfortably with a long pillow
  • Improve your sleep position
  • Boost your mood 

He is beautiful, calm, and mysterious. What more could you ask for, honestly? These body pillows are the perfect gifts for fans of this husbando. If it's for personal enjoyment, then by all means, go for it. You'll love spending time with Levi in comfort while watching the latest season of your favorite anime.
Other than the aesthetic aspect and the fact that you can live your romance in broad daylight or at night. You will also benefit from all the qualities that a long Dakimakura offers for your little body sore after a long work day. Indeed by its size, you will be able to rest a can of pressure, and thus you will prevent yourself from the pains by adopting a better sleep position!

So a Levi cushion is the best of the best. Moreover, who else than the most powerful character of the anime Attack on Titan to watch over you during your restless dreams fighting those damn monsters at Mario's place? He will put his sword at your service to protect you if he finds in you the soul of a soldier. 

Who is the husbando, Levi?

Levi is one of the most favored characters in Attack on Titan. But there is still a lot you may not know about him. You may not know about him.
Regarding defeating Titans, Levi Ackerman is the shining star of the Attack on Titan world. He has incredible skills on the battlefield and enough strategic intelligence to make him a formidable opponent without the sarcastic personality that offers dry humor to the anime audience. With all this in mind, it's no wonder that Levi is such a unique supporting character among Attack on Titan fans. Even as a secondary character, he spends a lot of time in the spotlight during epic battle sequences or flashbacks to his childhood.

What is a Dakimakura & Anime Body Pillow

They are very long pillows invented in Japan. They help us feel better and closer to the character of the anime we like. By having physical contact with Levi, you will have the impression of sleeping next to him! We sell pillowcases here, but we also have the inner pillow available. One of the significant advantages of this anime pillow is that you will sleep better! It helps with the loneliness we experience before going to sleep and corrects our posture when we sleep sideways. If you are a fan of the series or have a friend who doesn't miss an episode, go for one of these dakimakuras, you won't be disappointed! They are delivered everywhere for free, so there is no shipping cost!

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