Miia Body Pillow

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      Wake up next to your waifu with Miia Body Pillow

      Here you will find our body pillows from one of a unique waifu. Are you ready to welcome the beautiful half-woman, half-snake creature to spend long nights together?

      miia  dakimakura pillow  

      Why a Miia Pillow Cover?

      Do you know that the creatures that we used to call mystical exist! They are even part of a cultural exchange program between these creatures and humans. Your mission is to invite Miia to your home, but beware that she will try to seduce you by any means necessary.

      A Miia pillow is the perfect solution if you want to know what it feels like to wake up next to your favorite waifu every day. Dakimakuras users have a better sleep when they fall asleep with their loved ones. Also, a body pillow will improve your sleeping position by relieving your muscles and joints. A Miia body pillow is not only good for your body but also your morale

      As you probably know, the beautiful Lamia is part of the universe of the manga Monster Musume written and drawn by the mangaka Okayado. Obviously, with all the pretenders Kimihito has around him, we can qualify the manga as Ecchi and Harem. They are supposed to learn from humans and study but are actually there to find a husband.

      You will have to keep Miia warm under the comforter. After all, she needs a lot of heat because she has a snake's metabolism and is therefore cold-blooded. So we count on you to take the best care of your waifu with these Miia body pillows!