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      Sleep next to your favorite Waifu!

      Experience the overwhelming feeling of falling asleep and waking up next to your waifu every morning. Undoubtedly, having the chance to share unique moments of your life and feel closer by having physical contact with the character you love is something unique that only dakimakura users could describe. After a long day, your waifu pillow will always be there for you to cheer you up. Those pillows in Japan are known to provide emotional support to their lucky owners. We can consider them a security blanket similar to a security blanket or a stuffed toy.  A lot of our anime body pillow users experience better nights and sleep. Indeed, those long pillows are perfect for your posture.

      Their size is ideal for supporting your torso, arm, and leg. They also help to prevent discomfort and soreness that we all have after sleeping in poor positions. An orthopedic pillow correcting your sleeping position will be an efficient solution to help with blood circulation problems, muscle pain, snoring, and more. To sums up, these Japanese cushions are as good for your body and comfort in bed as they are for your soul. A dakimakura cover is an original gift for your otaku friend or a personal treat. A Waifu Pillow cover is an excellent piece for an otaku collection! What could be better than to be comfortably installed in your bed or sofa, with friends, or alone with your beautiful Waifu? Only a dakimakura cushion cover will allow you to spend your nights with the waifu of your choice. On our website, you will find the cushion cover that will make your hearts flutter! 

      Our collection of Waifu Pillow Cover

      At Anime-Body-Pillow, we specialize in anime pillow covers, particularly Dakimakura of Waifus. We provide a complete list of the best waifu from many manga and anime. We update the list as often as possible and are always looking to add more waifus following your recommendations. For us, it's essential to give you the best service. All our deliveries are processed within a few days from your order and sent to your home for free! They will arrive carefully packed and at total discretion. You can always reach us on the contact page if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer all your questions. 

      What is a Waifu Pillow?

      It's a long pillow with the waifu of your choice printed, made to be cuddled as much as you want. Most of the time, printed characters come from manga and anime, but they are increasingly lovable waifu coming from video games. Our dakimakura are printed on the two sides with different designs. Your waifu is drawn as she lies next to you in the bed or the canape. We have in our shop two sizes of pillows: 50x150cm and 50x160cm. In this particular subject, the size matters as it will allow you to make you feel that you sleep next to your waifu.  Also, you can choose between two different materials, the Peach Skin, and the 2 Way Tricot.

      • The Peach Skin material is perfect for its softness. It is as soft as the skin, resistant to stains, and easy to wash. Because of its unfailing durability, it is often a trendy choice. 

      • The 2Way Tricot fabric is the best to snuggle in. It is a premium quality that keeps you warm on cold nights and doesn't get too hot on warmer ones. It will be a perfect choice for those for whom comfort comes first.

      So, are you still looking for the body pillow of your dreams?
      Then, please take a look at our collection. Here you will find plenty of cushion covers with your favorite anime. 

      Which waifu should I choose for my Body Pillow?

      If you ask yourself this question, your heart is still undecided in front of the panel of choices that Japanese anime offers us. I invite you to take your time, browse through the different cushion covers and let the magic happen! You will undoubtedly find a Waifu pillow of your taste.
      Among the most popular ones, we have:

      • Zero Two Body Pillow
      • Megumin Body Pillow
      • Rem Body Pillow
      • Mikasa Ackerman Body Pillow

      And many others! 

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