Megumin Body Pillow


      Your meeting with the waifu Megumin will make sparks fly with this body pillow cover!

      She is the youngest protagonist of Kazuma's group. The most explosive waifu of all! She is proud, playful, and anything but boring! She brings a little light into our lives! She comes from the world of KonoSuba. 

      megumin  dakimakura pillow

      Why a Body Pillow Megumin?

      What could be nicer than sleeping with a cushion cover of our dear Megumin? She is cute, bubbly, and full of life. Despite all her qualities, I advise you to consider her fiery temperament. Although she is usually calm and kawaii, she can sometimes be vindictive and aggressive if you have the misfortune to underestimate her. Also, if you like pyrotechnics, you'll be in heaven with the mage Megumin. As you probably know, she systematically spends all her skill points to develop a single technique, a mighty explosion with a devastating blast. If you take a body pillow with your Megumin dakimakura cover, you will also enjoy a refreshing rest. You will be ready to face the day's trials. Have your sweetest dreams with your waifu. 

      Dakimakura(body pillow) of Megumin:

      Megumin is the kind of girl who'd be fun to have around you all the time. It's hard being an anime fan and knowing someone as cool as her can't be with you all the time. However, we now offer you the next best thing! Presenting… The Dakimakura of the one and only Megumin. Having a body pillow can do wonders for your back. Although having one with someone as cute as Megumin printed on top is anyone's favorite dream. Going to bed in the hands of your favorite waifu, what more could you possibly want as an anime fan? To top it off, you get to look at her first thing in the morning as soon as the rays strike your eyes. You'll be doing your sleep cycles wonders by using this pillow. Not only is the fabric soft, but having Megumin imprinted on it will keep you away from your phone. That's guaranteed to sleep on time and enjoy your best sleep in years.

      You know how they say that you should make your bed, so you have that bed to return to after a long day? Well, you won't need to after buying this Dakimakura. The bright and full-of-life Megumin will be waiting for you after your gloomy day. It's hard to find people who'd listen and not judge, but this body pillow is just a click away! Does your bed not look all that good? Aside from being the perfect pillow for an otaku, it can also be an eye-catching decoration item. You'll realize how perfectly it goes with your bed as soon as you lay it there. Trust me. When you invite someone over to your room, this is the first thing that will surely capture their attention.

      Who is Megumin?

      Megumin is quite the extroverted specimen. She likes to talk and ensures that people in the room hear her, even though they might not have any business with her. The thing about Megumin is that she's cute, so these traits don't even seem that bad on her. A lot of the time, her arrogance ends up seeming funny and cute. Perhaps the funniest thing about her is how she breaks her character as soon as she's in a life-and-death situation. That's when she reveals who she is… a fragile and cute girl who gets overwhelmed easily.

      Fan of another Husbando/Waifu?

      We all have unique tastes in things, and if you're sold on the Dakimakura but Megumin is not the same character you're looking for, try some of our cozy pillows with other waifus imprinted on them.

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