Mikasa Body Pillow

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6 products

Discover the Mikasa Body Pillow Cover

Fan of this character? Our Mikasa Body Pillow cushion covers collection is probably the best match for you. She is the most charismatic heroine that we no longer need present. In addition to being beautiful and intelligent, Mikasa is one of the anime's most powerful characters! Her sword fighting skills and calmness in all situations make her an incredible and badass character!

Why a Mikasa Dakimakura?

Imagine the sublime happiness of waking up next to the beautiful Mikasa? And of course, every day! Together you'll be ready for anything. We are not expecting any attack from the Titans on the world. It's always better to be prepared. Moreover, the ideal position that offers a long Dakimakura will significantly improve your sleep and recovery. Sounds good? So get the Mikasa Ackerman body pillow fast shipping now!.

Who is Mikasa Ackerman?

Mikasa has been described as "a prodigy who excels at all difficult tasks."   
Even though she may seem cold and distant at times, she takes excellent care of her loved ones. Very quickly, by the sometimes disturbing ease with which she faces the tests, she has primarily distinguished herself within the 104th training brigades. Mikasa Ackerman is simply the balance between beauty and power. Your dream will be filled with epic battles alongside your waifu against those pesky titans. 

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