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      Don't miss the Mikasa Pillow, the most badass waifu of AOT!

      Welcome! You will find here our collection of pillows of the beautiful Mikasa Choose the dakimakura design of your dream and enjoy precious moments with her. 
      You can't go wrong with the Mikasa Body Pillow cushion covers collection. It will be an excellent match if you are a man/woman of taste. When we talk about AOT, we realize that this anime does not leave anyone indifferent. Yet everyone agrees that Mikasa is simply the best girl over there. Could you, as everyone watching the show take your eyes off the beautiful Mikasa? We know her as the charismatic heroine we no longer need to present. In addition to being beautiful and intelligent, Mikasa is one of the anime's most powerful characters! Her sword-fighting skills and calmness in all situations make her an incredibly cool and badass character!   

      Why a Mikasa Dakimakura?

      Imagine the sublime happiness of waking up next to Mikasa. And this, every day of the week! By her side, you'll be ready for anything. Even tho we are not expecting any attack from the Titans on the world,  it's always better to be prepared. 
      Did you know? A Dakimakura is not only an excellent piece for your anime fan collection or a decoration for your Otaku room. It's also great for your body and especially your back. The ideal position that offers a long Dakimakura will significantly improve your sleep and recovery. Here are the significant reasons to get one of these pillow covers:

      • Meet your waifu in real    
      • Get special protection from the titans 
      • Decorate your room
      • Sleep comfortably with a giant pillow
      • Improve your sleep position 

      Who is Mikasa Ackerman? 

      Mikasa is a beautiful woman born to an Asian mother and a father who is a member of the famous Ackerman clan. She lived peacefully with her family in the farmlands of Wall Maria, helping them from an early age. Their lineage made her mother and Mikasa targets for local thieves and thugs. A tragic event happened when she was only nine years old. A group of traffickers killed her parents and tried to kidnap her to sell her in the human trafficking market in the capital's subway.
      Scared and shocked, Mikasa was rescued by Eren Yeager, whom she knew as the son of her family's doctor. He tricked and killed two of the kidnappers but was overwhelmed by the third trafficker and about to be strangled. When Grisha Yeager arrived with members of the military police squad, Mikasa was given Eren's sash and accepted into his family. This event awakened the fighting instincts and perfect self-control that inhabit the Ackerman clan. Mikasa then went to live with Eren's family until the fall of the Maria Wall.

      Mikasa has been described as "a prodigy who excels at all difficult tasks." 
      As mentioned above, Mikasa is a formidable fighter. She has a natural talent for fighting, making her a model for all the soldiers in the Scout Regiment. She uses her skills to protect Eren in his quest to discover the truth about the origin of the Titans.  
      Even though she may seem cold and distant at times, she takes excellent care of her loved ones. Very quickly, by the sometimes disturbing ease with which she faces the tests, she has primarily distinguished herself within the 104th training brigades. Mikasa Ackerman is simply the balance between beauty and power. Fill your dream with epic battles alongside your waifu against those pesky titans.  

      Why will you love Mikasa Ackerman as your waifu?

      She quickly showed that she had the potential to be one of the best titan slayers the scout regiment had to offer. Without much effort, she earned a place among the elite in just a few missions, showing exceptional strength and superhuman speed that few anime characters can match. Especially after the time jump, when she spent time working out and gained a physique that few women in the anime can reach, she is on a new level compared to the rest of those inside the walls. With courage and tenacity, Mikasa Ackerman has the power to accomplish almost anything, becoming a force of nature capable of turning the tide of a battle on her own. 

      Despite this, she remains a person and must face her suffering. Her insistence on clinging to Eren in life and death is her most significant source of strength and her greatest weakness. If you like muscular women with a strong spirit who can take on the Titans themselves, Mikasa Ackerman is not someone to play with. If you want your waifus to be a bit more intense than most, she is the best example in the current anime. Mikasa is not the woman you want to see on the other side, but that only makes her more appealing to us.  

      How to choose the Best Mikasa Ackerman design for your Dakimakura?

      This is where your taste comes into play. We have several models to let you choose the one that will make your nights remarkable. The design you want to have on your Pillow depends on your taste. As you can see, on each quilt, you will find your beautiful waifu in a different position, facial expression, or outfit. Take a good look at each dakimakura cover before you order to get the one that suits you best. Sounds good? So get the Mikasa Ackerman body pillow fast shipping now!

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