Rin Tohsaka Body Pillow


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      Cute, beautiful, and an extremely talented mage. Let yourself seduce by her long black hair and beautiful eyes. 


      Voluptuous Rin Tohsaka Body Pillows!

      The world may be far from perfect, but rejoice, today you have found yourself the ultimate collection of Rin Tohsaka Pillows! If she is your chosen waifu, these Dakimakura of Rin are absolutely overflowing with her radiant charms and Magical prowess. Courtesy of these beautiful covers of the competitive Fate/stay Night heroine, you can now snuggle beside her all night long. Is there a better way to keep your Waifu so close?  Widely admired as the prim and proper honor student, Rin puts up a defensive front in order to prevent others from prying into her personal life. Catch her in private and you’ll learn just how loud, shrewd, stingy, and bossy she can be. This is all part of her charm though, so no complaints here! Grab this chance to spend each night staring into the eyes of this gorgeous brunette. Just imagine waking up every day to her aqua-blue eyes… You may hold her as tightly as you wish and shower her with your love because underneath her prim and perfect exterior is a well-meaning and caring girl. Phone addictions or insomnia will be no more because this Dakimakura monopolizes all your attention!

      We all have bad ways and different coping mechanisms. But knowing that Rin is eagerly waiting for your return home, even if she doesn’t openly show it, is a huge boost. Reclined seductively on your bed, these Dakimakura of Rin are woven to be your emotional support 24/7. They are crafted using high-quality material with the aim of granting you erotic dreams and undisrupted slumber. Let this Tsundere have her way with you through the night, and you’ll wake up feeling positively energized. Not only is it a supreme comfort for your body, but is the ideal cultured decoration for your Otaku room. This may well become the highlight of your abode, stunning all those who visit.

      Why should you get a Rin Body Pillow?

      These long Japanese pillows are shown to be excellent for promoting healthy slumber. Why? Because they are catered to ensure correct sleeping postures, all while relaxing your weary muscles and joints. Never feel lonely on your bed ever again, because Rin will be right there to drive away the negativity. She is, after all, a perceptive, serious, resourceful, and competitive person who will not let anyone else, have you. Let her Magic envelop you as fall prey to her classic Tsundere charms…

      Who is Rin?

      Rin acts as the resourceful Master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She is also the current Tohsaka family head and the older sister of Sakura Matou. Following the events of the War, she formally joins the Clock Tower and becomes a student under Lord El-Melloi II. Here she is one of the many Masters of True Rider in the True and False Holy Grail Wars.  Most would be surprised at how this model student and school idol can be so hostile and dismissive on occasion, but her dedicated fans know just how caring and big-sister-like she is. Just be prepared for her plethora of trivial mistakes at the worst possible moments and decision-making based on cold, rational logic! Regardless, she has a deeply rooted sense of honor and gratitude, often masked by her tough, fiery, perceptive, judicious, mischievous, and aggressive personality. 

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