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Who is Osamu Dazai?

Birthdate: 19th June

Age: 22

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Favorite Hobby: Daydreaming about committing double suicide with a hot girl!

Osamu Dazai is the perfect and mysterious detective husbando from the Bungo Stray Dogs series who deserves all the love in the entire world. He is a former member of the villainous group Port Mafia and currently works with the Armed Detective Agency. Dazai looks like a very wholesome and goofy young man from afar, but in reality, he is a competent and lethal detective with thousands of tricks up his sleeves. Before we talk more about this character's complex and interesting personality, let us take a moment to appreciate his unique and bewitching looks. Dazai is a tall and lean young man with mildly wavy dark-brown hair. He usually likes to wear a light-brown trench coat that makes him seem quite elegant. His clothing covers most of his body. Dazai’s entire body is filled with bandages under this heavy layer of clothing because of failed suicide attempts.  

Just his looks alone should be able to mesmerize you completely! I mean, who wouldn’t want to cuddle with a dakimakura of this tall and attractive detective in their bed.

Like I said before, Dazai has a very complex and mysterious personality. No one can ever tell what’s happening in this husband’s mind as he always does the most unpredictable things. To completely understand Dazai’s personality, we must first understand that Dazai has two different personalities. Dazai used to be a part of the Port Mafia, and he never showed anyone mercy. Dazai used to be a very cold-hearted person who shut everyone out and never showed any emotions. However, things are quite different in the present! Dazai is no longer the villain as he actually cares about people! Our favorite husbando is currently an essential part of the armed detective agency and works very hard to protect innocent lives.

At the start of the series, Dazai has a very goofy and comedic personality. Dazai is a comical character who can make all of us laugh pretty easily. He also seems to be quite unproductive and lazy, but he can be instrumental in times of need. Dazai always knows the answer to every single problem and usually likes to work alone. Dazai realizes that he is a competent and smart character and maintains a very confident demeanor. The man is always ready to face any situation with a smile on his face and never breaks his comrade’s trust. Dazai is a bit overly dramatic at times as he is a light-hearted and fun character. Also, did I mention the fact that our man is obsessed with the idea of suicide? Dazai wants to commit suicide. However, this man does not just want to kill himself and be done with it. He wants to commit a double suicide together with a beautiful young girl. Sadly, Dazai has still not been able to find a lovely young lady who’d be kind enough to help Dazai accomplish his ultimate dream. Maybe one of your die-hard fans would like to fulfill this husbando’s ultimate dream *wink*. Okay, I’m just kidding. Please stop this maniac from killing himself! He is too precious to leave us all alone.

Now, let us talk about the dark side of this handsome guy and what made him change. Like I mentioned before, Dazai used to be a part of the underground group, Port Mafia. Our favorite hero used to be a cold-blooded murderer and a villain. At the tender age of 15, Dazai used to be the youngest member of the Port Mafia, and all of his enemies feared him. He used to do everything he was commanded to do and always completed every task flawlessly.

Oh, and you might be wondering if Dazai still used to be suicidal while he was a part of the Port Mafia. Unlike the current Dazai, the younger Dazai used to be actually serious whenever he talked about suicide. Dazai used to view suicide as a sort of release for the soul, and he really did want to end his life.

Dazai’s personality got completely changed by his best friend, Sakunosuke Oda. Oda also used to be a member of the Port Mafia. However, unlike the other members of this group, Oda was a good person at heart and did not like to hurt innocent people. According to Dazai, Oda is the only person who has ever come close to understanding his real personality.

Oda completely changed Dazai’s life in his dying breath as he told him to save people instead of bringing harm to them. Oda said it didn't matter which side Dazai decides to be on, but he should always protect the weak.

After this, Dazai completely changed! Today, he is a fun and lovable character who cares for everyone and fights against the Port Mafia. While he is a good person now, Dazai is always ready to “play dirty” whenever needed. He is ready to do anything to achieve his goals. Dazai also has a special power called “No Longer Human,” and it lets him nullify the effects of the abilities of all the other characters in the series. Now that is a potent ability! No character is ever able to overpower our man Dazai because he renders everyone’s ability useless. Dazai is a master of close combat and manages to defeat every enemy standing in his way.

I know that you are completely in love with Dazai after reading this amazing description of the character. However, sadly, this charming guy is just a 2D character stuck inside the anime world. You can’t really make Dazai a part of your real life, but you can get a dakimakura of your favorite husbando and sleep with him every single day.

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