707 Body Pillow

      Do you like Saeyoung Choi from Mystic Messenger? So this is the perfect Dakimakura Collection for you!

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      Luciel, also called the Hacker God, is handsome and probably the funniest boy on the team. He is chilly and fun and will cheer you up with his calls.  

      Luciel Choi Dakimakura (body pillow):

      In a world filled with people obsessed with waifu, we're here to cater to your husbando needs. We care for everyone, so we bring to the fans of Luciel Chou a soft and cozy pillow they can take to their bed and never feel alone! Your very favorite husbando will always be there for you to share your joys and sorrow. Are you tired after a long day at work? Luciel is waiting to cure your back pain and seduce you into some well-deserved shut-eye. Had a bad day? Then get ready to let loose those memories as you'll probably get lost in Luciel's sparkline eyes when you see him waiting for you on your bed. Have no one to Netflix and chill with? This Luciel Dakimamura will never let you feel lonely watching a show again.

      What sets it apart:

      Aside from having a seductive picture of Luciel, this Dakimamura is exceptionally soft and squishy. So you can expect Luciel to scrape off all that pain with his heavenly embrace. Not only will you feel emotionally connected to the fictional love of your life, but You'll also enjoy the luxury of having him cure your exhaustion. Honestly, it's no different from being at the receiving end of a massage every night. And that too by someone you hold close to your heart!

      I don't have the scientific literature to prove it to you, but I'm pretty sure this Luciel Dakimamura will make your insomnia non-existent… It offers you an emotional bond with a man you hold near and dear to your heart while being a high-quality Dakimakura. You'll indeed dive into the most profound slumber of your life with these by your side. And when you wake up, you'll have Luciel's gaze on your body. What more is there to life? Aside from making you tired at night, it'll also look like a piece of art on your bed during the daytime. If you love to make their bed and keep it clean, then this Dakimakura is the perfect touch of elegance you never knew you needed. It's a must-have for all anime fans who love Luciel Chou.

      Who is Luciel Choi?

      He's a guy who'd make any girl head over heels for him, as he is no stranger to mysteriousness. Seriously, the man gives off that aura that he has more to him than meets the eyes. To top it off, the guy loves to joke around having fun and can be a bit bizarre sometimes too. He has all the ingredients to become a magnet to any girl who passes by.

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