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The dakimakura of your handsome Husbando. Soft & comfortable pillow for happy cuddle sessions. Sleep like a baby in the arms of the beautiful Zhongli.  

Get an Zhongli Body Pillows to Shield your Soul

zhongli Dakimakura

Welcome, weary Traveler, to the priceless collection of Zhongli Pillows! These Dakimakura of Zhongli are worth every Mora in Teyvat, just so long as you’ve chosen him as your husbando. Thanks to these breathtaking covers of the Geo Archon, you can now attain endless snuggling and peaceful slumber beside him. Can you think of a better way to bring him home and hold him close?

When we first meet Zhongli, he is but the humble consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. It isn’t until the end of the region’s Archon quest that we discover his true identity: the current vessel of the Geo Archon, Morax. He who has decided to experience the world from the mortal perspective is still the God of Contracts through and through. So prepare to forge a new contract with Zhongli and let yourself fall asleep each night as you gaze into his Golden eyes. Who could refuse such an offer? Don’t forget, and he’ll be right beside you as you awaken every morning too. Imagine being held in the solid and sturdy arms of the Lord of Geo, helping him rest after centuries of hard work. After all, even the strongest of Gods grew tired in Teyvat. Phone addictions or insomnia at night would become worries of the past because this Dakimakura will capture all your attention!  

Didn’t you have the best day? It’s okay. You’ll always find comfort in knowing that Zhongli is waiting for you at home, on your bed nonetheless, to cradle you for as long as you want. These Dakimakura aren’t just pillows. They are your go-to emotional support. Rest assured, these body pillows are woven with high-quality fabric that guarantees you blissful dreams and uninterrupted slumber. Let Zhongli’s bewitching eyes absorb you, and you’ll wake up feeling fully pumped. This hunk will give your body the highest comfort, dual-functioning as a cultured decoration for your room. If this isn’t a worthy contender for the best highlight of your home, what is? Watch as it mesmerizes everyone who comes to explore your room. 

Why should you get a Zhongli Body Pillow?

These long Japanese pillows are proven to be excellent for facilitating healthy slumber. How? Well, these dakimakura pillows will ensure correct sleeping postures while relieving tired muscles and joints. You will never feel isolated on your own bed ever again, because Zhongli is there to shield you from harm. Zhongli has been active for around 6000 years already, but he would still do everything in his power to defend Liyu from all threats. Should anything dare to harm you, his rock-solid shield will block all damage and call upon a descending meteor to flatten your enemies. He will have order!

Who is Zhongli?

Zhongli is one of the best (if not THE best) playable Geo characters in the Genshin Impact game. He is a handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned individual with a refined mastery of courtesy and rules. While he performs all manner of rituals in Liyue, he continues to be a very calm, reserved, and polite man holding an air of nostalgia. As the Geo Archon, Morax, he knows everything about Liyue’s history and culture. Like his fellow Archon Venti (a.k.a. Barbatos), he has infinite experiences and memories as one of the Original Seven. As one of the oldest living beings in Teyvat, he harbors philosophical ideas about money and greatly respects traditions lost or warped over time. forgotten or bent over time. Since he was so used to having Mora as an infinite resource, he is quite the terrible spender, even coming off as a "bourgeois parasite" at times. 

Fan of another Husbando/Waifu?

To each their own. We all have varying tastes. Nothing strange about being more interested in a different Waifu or Husbando. If you love gorgeous Dakimakura like these, but prefer an other character, feel free to browse our awesome pillow collections with so many more attractive Waifus/Husbandos on them!