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      The beautiful succubus from Overlord is waiting for you. With this item, you will be able to meet your waifu.  

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      Snuggle with the Dakimakura of Albedo from Overlord

      If Albedo from the Great Tomb of Nazarick is your go-to waifu, you shouldn't hesitate to browse our epic Albedo Body pillow collection. But would you be able to handle the full brunt of her demonic charms? Well, the best way to find out is by getting yourself one of these pillows today! These devilishly enticing Anime pillows are made of soft and comfortable fabric, perfect for cuddling in the dark of night. Whether it is to stave off your loneliness, improve your posture or gaze upon your beloved waifu 24/7, this Waifu pillow is a must-have!

      Dakimakura (Body pillow) of Albedo!

      An Albedo body pillow of your choice would be perfect for quenching your Otaku thirst while giving any back pains you've been experiencing the banishment they deserve. Albedo would right all the right places and leave you in perpetual bliss as you doze off, and it'll still be there when you awaken. Who's to say you won't have some spicy dreams starring your Waifu? This Albedo pillow may be something you never knew you needed, but its value is apparent. A cushion of this caliber can relieve stress and give you a perfect night's sleep, as you rightly deserve. This is no luxury. It is merely a necessity to satisfy the Anime fan in you! Just imagine how awesome it is to sleep snuggling Albedo, printed in her full splendor on this pillow that shares your bed with you. Such a treat at a very reasonable price…. What are you waiting for?

      What's the difference?

      We know from experience what it's like to despair every day over the simple fact that your Waifu/Husbando's portrayal is straight-up inaccurate. This is precisely why you ought to take your pick from this Dakimakura collection because these are the most accurate Albedo body pillows you'll find on the face of this earth. These Dakimakura are specially designed to give their user physical therapy and emotional support. Albedo's eyes are captivating, chilly, and obsessive, but that's part of her charm. When this Succubus sets her heart on someone, she will love them to death and do nearly anything for them. Insomnia will become history after you choose to purchase these pillows. Let Albedo's pitch-black Raven wings envelop you as you swiftly fall asleep and finally grow out of your phone addiction.

      Albedo lovers have eyes for mythical monsters and beasts, so let her pure-white horns mesmerize you while she has her way with you! Now imagine waking up in the merciless claws of a Demic Heteromorph who can have either sadistic or masochistic tendencies per her lover's wishes. What a badass way to start your day! Even if your day doesn't go too well, you can always plot your comeback for the next day beside Albedo, eagerly awaiting your return. Putting aside the fact that she is the best Waifu to plan World Domination with, these Dakimakura are aesthetically pleasing while sporting a very enticing image of Albedo. Undoubtedly, this Albedo pillow will contribute a lot to making your room absolutely cultured and stellar!

      Who is Albedo?

      Albedo is the gorgeous Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, performing general management and supervision of the Floor Guardians. As the highest-ranking NPC in Nazarick, Albedo is shown to be as loyal as she is breathtakingly beautiful. When it comes to love, she is hopeless, assertive, obsessive, extreme, quite violent, and prone to bursts of jealousy. She is no mere picture-perfect doll either, as she is very vocal, expressive, level-headed, loyal, and merciless. She will love you to hell and back, losing almost all self-restraint if her beloved is harmed. Just don't ever consider abandoning her…

      Eying a different waifu?

      Is Albedo too rough for you? Don't worry. There are plenty of other Waifu Dakimakura for you to browse. So stick around and see if anything else catches your fancy! Don't miss the Overlord Body Pillow collection!

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