Hisoka Body Pillow

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      Watch out for the Body Pillow Covers of the unpredictable Hisoka Morrow!

      Enjoy your favorite Husbando with Hisoka pillow covers. He is, for many, their favorite character from the HxH anime. Even though Yoshihiro Togashi has created many strange and unique characters, none are as odd as Hisoka. It may seem strange to want a Hisoka dakimakura cover because, at first sight, it is a zany character who dresses up as a clown. However, we understand very quickly that he is not there to joke!

      Why a Dakimakura Hisoka? 

      First of all, we like him because he is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic hunters. Indeed, when we talk about iconic Hunter x Hunter characters, we always think of the weirdest one, Hisoka Morrow. He is cool because he follows his own goals in his quest for enjoyment without caring about the main plot of the manga. Moreover, it is an interesting Husbando, by his design, which is the most dynamic of the series, changing several times according to the arcs. He is also terribly beautiful. Some may have a strange attraction to this evil clown. If this is your taste, you will love to fall asleep next to him. Then, he can protect you thanks to his many techniques. He fights mainly with those cards hardened by his Nen that he makes as safe as steel! Not to mention his other advanced techniques like the Bungie gum or the deceptive texture!

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