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      Kurisu "Christina, Assistant, American Virgin, Perverted Genius Girl, The Zombie, Celeb 17" Makise?

      Birth Date: July 25th, 1992 Age: 18

      Height: 160cm Weight: 45 Kg   

      Blood Type: A

      Kurisu Makise is one of the main protagonists from the anime and light novel series Steins Gate. She is one of the most popular characters from the franchise and is widely regarded as one of the best Female protagonists in anime. 

      Her name Kurisu is actually a Japanese wordplay on the name Chriss and is essentially the origin of Christina's nickname. She is a renowned Scientist known for her genius and is one of the leading researchers at the Victor Qondria Laboratory and then, later on, starts working at the Future Gadgets Lab.

      Early Life:

      Aside from being a researcher herself, Kurisu is the daughter of a renowned scientist, Shouichi Makise. He helped Makise develop an interest in science early in her childhood and essentially propelled his daughters' career as a scientific researcher.

      According to Makise, they used to talk and debate about science all the time. Even exchanging scientific papers and debate each other on different topics. Because of this, Kurisu started to publish her own research papers and started winning multiple science awards because of her work.

      But this blissful period for Kurisu did not last long, as her father quickly got tired of his daughter, who kept on disapproving of his theories. And despite being soo young, Kurisu's success as a scientist overshadowed her father's career. She had essentially become one of the leading scientists in the entire world at a very young age.

      This led to Shouichi having a meltdown at the fact that his own daughter has now surpassed him.

      He fell into madness, which did not just affect his marriage, but his career also suffered greatly. Shouichi started having major anger issues and eventually started losing his influence in Academia because of his toxic antics.

      Despite Shouichi's jealousy, Kurisu finished University at 17 and then got accepted as one of the lead researchers at the Victor Qondria University's Brain Research Program.

      Which made major headlines in America, where she was already famous for publishing research papers as a child early on.

      Later, she became a part of the Future Gadgets Lab after Dr. Nakabachi's Conference events to investigate Okabe's frivolous claims about time travel.


      Makise Kurisu, despite being a realist and a rationalist because of her work line, is quite the timid character who hates nicknames and even likes to get back at people with her own sarcasm.

      Kurisu typically is not afraid to call out people on their mistakes. But she cares a lot for the people around her and is even willing to go the extra mile and help them out. However, no matter how much she cares, Kurisu doesn't like to show affection since she gets embarrassed easily.

      Because of this, others at the Future Gadgets Lab have dubbed her a tsundere. Which can get her riled up and even make her scream back at others with a lot of enthusiasm.

      Other than this, Makise is a lot more mature than others at the future Gadgets Lab. She is a lot more normal in public and does not act frivolously like her fellow mad scientist.

      But being a researcher herself, Kurisu often disregards others' right to privacy. She has not considered others' emotions and has even gone as far as to label emotions a nuisance when it comes to research and fulfilling her role as a scientist.

      Complimenting her in that, Kurisu has developed quite a sarcastic tongue and acerbic attitude towards others. Mostly as a defense mechanism against other scientists who look down on her because of her age and are jealous of her huge success.

      She does not like to show her weakness to anyone and has a hard-shell personality. Because of this, she is not keen on letting many people in her circle.

      This led to Makise living a fairly solitary life, where she does not have that many friends outside of the Future Gadgets Lab and likes to be left alone for most of the time.

      Nevertheless, that does not mean that Makise is a rude person. She, in fact, as mentioned before, is the most normal member of the Future Gadgets Lab and is one of the friendliest individuals there.

      How Makise treats someone depends entirely on how that person treats her. Essentially, Kurisu's rational thought process makes her interact with each person she meets differently, depending on their conduct.

      Other than that, Kurisu is a pretty laid-back and open person. Especially on her social media account, where she uses many net emoticons and other internet slang. Her alternate world Twitter, Twipo handle, the "KURI_KAME KuriGohan and Kamehameha" is quite active, where she often shares her opinion on subjects like the difference between 2D and 3D.

      She is fairly active on her social media accounts. Her handle even confirms that Makise Kurisu was a huge weeb at one point in her life and understands the anime culture well enough to rile up the anime community on Two.

      Final Thoughts:

      Kurisu Makise is a calm and caring character who cares deeply for her loved ones. Even though she has retained a calm demeanor throughout her life, every event has affected her personality.

      She may have regrets, but she does not want to change the present to achieve an ideal future for herself. Kurisu is someone who won't act unless it's for someone else.

      What's more, Kurisu Makise is the type who will make you strive for more and additionally, her discipline, her cute antics. The fact that she gets embarrassed and blushes at the smallest hints of affection makes her more endearing and a loved character who we can't help but adore and fall in love with.