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Who is Yuuri Katsuki?

Birth Date: November 29th Age: 28(Current Age in 2020)

Height: 173cm Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: A

Yuuri Katsuki is our sensitive and Pork cutlet loving character from the infamous husbando anime Yuri on Ice. He is one of the most innocent, full of life characters in anime, with a timid yet bright smile that we can’t help but fall in love with.He has a sensitive personality, an introverted demeanor, but most of all, he has us enamored in his beauty.


He is such a darling character that we can't help but snuggle onto Yuuri Katsuki Body Pillows at that. But that is not all what Yuuri Katsuki holds for us. He is a passionate Figure Skater who dreams about impressing his idol, Victor Nikiforov, and becoming a professional Figure Skating World Champion.



But no matter how much he wants to achieve that dream, Yuuri has a lot of back draws that keep him from achieving his long-held, childhood dream.  The first problem that our Yuuri Katsuki has dealt over his entire life is that, he just can't stop himself from binge eating. Which is although not officially confirmed, but a lot of fans will even go as far as to categorize it as an eating disorder because of just how much Yuuri will start eating when compared to his normal days whenever he is feeling down.

~Yuuri Katsuki FanArt by Gearous

Since Yuuri is very susceptible to his emotions, even a tiny bit of drawback in one contest would lead him to go through weeks, if not months filled with depression and just pure dread over his failure. In these moments, Yuuri would gain a lot of weight, and because of his bad habit of binge eating, Yuuri will not stop eating junk food, or anything edible that he can get his hands on for that matter.


Of course, after this spell of downtime, because of his excess fat, he would be forced to go through an extreme diet a week before the next season, or the next big tournament. Which is exceedingly bad for his health as an athlete.As you may have already figured out, Yuuri is someone who easily gains weight, and his habit of binge eating is quite self-destructive for him. No matter how cute a chubby Yuuri may seem, it is not a healthy lifestyle for our sensitive figure skater to follow.


Because of this constant cycle of despair, and a weight problem, Yuuri has also developed a dilemma over his weight problem. He has been struggling with weight all his life now. And for this same reason, Yuuri has developed another habit of wearing baggy clothes so he can hide his fat from others.

However, figure Skating is extremely competitive, so in order to compete properly in the sports, Yuuri has to go on a year-round diet just so he can stay in shape. And to that effect, some of his extreme diet plans are soo harsh that he can only eat his favorite, 900 kcal Pork Cutlet Bowl just a few times per year.


But, no matter how sad we feel for Yuuri, his desire to become the World Figure Skate Champion is as strong as our love for him. Despite all of these shortcomings, fears, depression, anxiety, Food Eating Disorder, or more so, feeling like he will never be able to catch up to the people that he aspires to become, Yuuri Katsuki is someone who emanates hope.

His struggle to keep up with his Figure Skating career despite facing a problem with his body image shows how far commitment and just pure sheer will can take you.

He is a living example of what it means to work hard on something and not giving up. Even though there are a lot of bumps, setbacks that have affected him badly and have held him back from achieving his dreams. Yuuri still has not given up and with support from his peers and his beloved coach, he has enough conviction to reach his goal. And help others to live their life to the fullest at that.


Yuuri is the husbando, whose struggle will not only make you grind on for even more than what your initial goal is; his cheers, words of encouragement will help you go through even the toughest, difficult and tiring journey with firm determination.

Yuuri knows what it means to long for something for the longest time and when you are just about to grasp, lose it all and then again rise up from the depths of the sea to strive for the stars just one more time. He knows what true failure means and with him by your side; you will feel his support through hard and hell, and even against the world. He is the husbando, who will make sure that you succeed; have the confidence to try out something new and not get afraid of failing at it before you even start.

Yuri is the husbando who gives us the confidence to strive for something more, even if it is seemingly unattainable. So, even if your favorite husbando Yuuri is behind a screen it does not mean that he is out of your reach. You want to hug, kiss, and just have a great time with Yuuri.


But the confines of the screen won't let you do any of that. In fact, the despicable screen separates the 2D and the 3D world won't even let you touch, let alone allow you to spend some quality time with him. But as Yuuri has already taught us, where there is a will there is a way. And our Yuuri Katsuki Body Pillows are here to solve this longing for your favorite husbando once and for all.

Body Pillows have already been proven to be therapeutic and they help you sleep better at night. In addition, snuggling onto Yuuri Katsuki, a husbando who will stick by you through hard times and support you to do more is one of the best feelings in the world that you don't want to miss out on.

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