Attack on Titan Body Pillow

24 products

24 products

Body Pillow from Attack on Titans

You will find here the body pillow cushion covers of your favorite anime. In "Attack on the Titans" humanity lives in a world surrounded by gigantic walls to protect itself from the Titans who only want one thing, to make their next meal. If you liked to follow the adventures of Eren, Levi, or Mikasa and their companions in misfortune then you will love these body pillow covers.

Why a body pillow from Attack of the Titans

Because it is without a doubt one of the manga with the best storyline of the last years! If you are going to be able to relax with all these heroes that fight for the safeguard of our species. Special care has been taken in the construction of the characters and their development throughout the episodes.

These cushions will probably not protect you from a titanic attack, yet. But you will greatly improve your quality of sleep and you will prevent yourself from possible pains due to a bad position in bed. Besides, who hasn't dreamed of snuggling with Mikasa or Levi?

As much as we love anime, we would never want to live in a world surrounded by 3 walls. A continuous struggle to regain lost territories, violently torn away by the titans.

Which character to choose?

Mikasa and Levi Ackerman are probably the most badass and coolest characters in the anime. They stand out for their coolness and power. You will probably find something to make them your waifu or husbando

Body Pillow Mikasa Ackerman

Body Pillow Levi Ackerman