Top 8 Greatest Fighters in HunterXHunter

If you are a shônen fan and you appreciate good fights, you may have liked the well-known manga  HunterxHunter. The adventures of Gon and Kirua have enthralled millions of readers around the world.
This shônen has its share of charismatic and powerful characters, each with its techniques and characteristics. Without further ado, let's take a look at the eight strongest characters in HunterXHunter.

*Warning, this article contains spoilers



Here is Kirua's father and the current head of the Zoldyck family. Like all the members of this family of assassins, Silva is dangerous. He is, like his son, immune to all poisons and has superhuman strength.



This character could be described in many ways: powerful, terrifying, crazy and maybe a bit of a pedophile, considering how he reacts when he sees or fights against Gon or Killua. Hisoka stood out from the other characters, and this,from his first appearance during the first test of the exam. His abilities, such as his Bungee Gum and his deceptive texture, make him a formidable opponent from the transformation nen. Hisoka does not hide his desire to confront powerful opponents. He waits patiently for Gon to grow up and become more powerful to face him. Have a look at our Hisoka Morow Body Pillows.



Zeno Zoldyck is none other than Kirua's grandfather and Silva's father. He is also one of the most murderous assassins in the world. From the nen of transformation, one of his techniques is called Dragon Dive. It gives his aura the shape of a dragon and a destructive power. The man knows how to remain prudent and pragmatic. As for his level of danger, he has power and speed that puts even Kuroro Lucifer, the leader of the Ghost Brigade, on the defensive.



The leader of the ghost brigade, Kuroro, has such formidable strength that he can stand up to the duo Lena and Silva Zoldyck. This gives you an idea of the power of the character. Kuroro belongs to the nen of specialization and can steal the capabilities of his opponents, which he keeps in a book, but he has to fulfill several conditions to do so.
Very charismatic, he seems to be made for the role of leader. Indeed, Kuroro can lead the ghost brigade despite the strong personalities of which it is composed. Besides, all the brigade members follow him of their own free will. He is also the first character to have mortally wounded Hisoka. We can imagine how Hisoka is eager to return the favor.



Neferupito appears in the arc of the Kimera Ants and is part of Meruem's guard. She is agile and fast but also dangerous and sadistic. Her aura is so terrifying that she makes even the most fearless Hunters freak-out.
Her nen allows her to manipulate people like puppets, and she can also heal herself from any wound. Neferupito is responsible for Kaito's death and made him his tool, which caused fierce anger in Gon, who admired the Hunter since childhood.

adult gon freecss


The transformation of the young Gon Freecs, the main character of the series, left no fan indifferent... From the nen of the reinforcement, the young boy searches for his father, Jin Freecs, a famous 'Hunter. Gon has moreover attracted the attention of Hisoka during their meeting for the exam to become 'Hunter...

This transformation into an adult occurs during the arc of the Kimera Ants. Determined to avenge the death of Kaito, murdered and transformed into a puppet by Neferupito, Gon sacrificed his life force to obtain a power
capable of beating Neferupito to the punch.



The fact that Netero is the head of the Hunter Association and that he decides on the tests for the Hunter exam let us imagine what he is capable of. But we were far from suspecting the older man's real power

hidden. He has spent his life perfecting his body and abilities to the point where he has become both the most powerful Hunter and nen user in the world.



Meruem is the king of the Kimera Ants and has established himself as the most powerful character in the series. Cruel and without mercilessness, he considers that he has the right to life or death on anyone. His extreme intelligence allows him to analyze

quickly all possibilities during a fight or an inextricable situation.
His fight against Netero was cataclysmic. But even against the strongest of the Hunters, who sacrificed himself in an ultimate attack, Meruem was able to get out of it alive.

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