Our Top 10 of the Best Waifus in 2021

Waifu is a very subjective topic for many anime fans. Everyone has their preferences, and their picks for their favorite anime girl vary accordingly. But one thing that we all can be sure about is that not all cute anime girls are waifu material, and out of the few that do qualify to be a Waifu. And fewer even from these anime girls can move our hearts.

So, let's take a look at our Top 10 Anime Waifus, who will make your heart flutter. And mind you, these Waifus are in no particular order and are entirely based on our personal opinion. If you are wondering what a waifu is, we already cover it in a previous blog!

#1. Mai Sakurajima:

Starting things off with everyone's favorite Bunny girl Sempai, Mai Sakurajima from the anime Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Sempai. Mai is a calm and caring character who can be pretty bold at times. She is the Sempai that we all dream about, and although Mai can be a bit violent at times, she can essentially remain calm and rational in the most difficult of situations.

But, despite her strong demeanor, Mai Sempai can quickly get flustered and even go Tsundere if you tease her just a little bit more than what she can handle. While Mai is cute when she gets flustered, the pain that follows after the fact carried on with her kicks and knee jerks is a small price to pay to see her lose her composure, just for a little bit.

Mai Sempai is a Waifu who is even willing to sacrifice her career for her loved ones and will stay by their side even if the world turns its back on them. But even though Mai Sempai is strong, she can easily get overwhelmed by her emotions, which may even lead her to do some embarrassing things like wearing a Bunny Girl costume in public.

She is the perfect Waifu if you look for someone unique and callous, who will not leave your side even in the most challenging situations. She is such a sweetheart that you can't go wrong with Mai Sakurajima, and for more on her, you can check out our Mai Sakurajima Body Pillows.

#2. Rem:


After Mai Sempai, we have the timid yet bold Rem from the anime Life in Another World from Zero. Now, Rem is the maid that has every single anime fan all around the world has heard about in one way or the other. And regardless of the fact if they have watched the show or not, they can definitely agree to one single fact; that, Rem is the Waifu that we all have dreamt about at one point in our lives.

Rem is the type of character who boasts her cute maid outfit with pride and will spoil you rotten, to the dangerous extent that you won't even have to do anything or even have the need to leave your bed. Rem will take care of everything. 

While she is the Waifu of dreams, with Rem, you will always get a disclaimer warning, stating that you may turn into a good for nothing human with no social life if you let her have her way with you. Rem is infamous for her unconditional love and having an unbendable will of steel at the same time. She can take on any challenge for her loved ones.

Once Rem makes her mind for something, nothing in the world can stop her from getting what she wants. But even with that type of personality and somewhat dangerous characteristics, Rem is cute and, more so, charming to the extent that this waifu will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over by just being around you.

You can check out our collection of Rem body pillows to find out what it feels like to have Rem by your side.

#3. Mikasa Ackerman:


Unlike Rem, Mikasa Ackerman from the infamous anime, Attack on Titan will make you want to hit the Gym and always strive for something greater in life. Mikasa is a Waifu whose glamour will make you realize what perfect beings do exist. And all the faults in yourself that you have been overlooking your entire life.

While Mikasa would rather have you rest and not worry about what society thinks about you. But for Mikasa's sake, you will strive to better yourself in every way, shape, or form and make your waifu feel proud of you!

Mikasa is someone who loves you for who you are and doesn't want anything else. She cares deeply for her family and friends and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them and keep everything she cares about out of harm's way.

She does not like to be left alone, so if you get a Mikasa Body pillow cover from us, it won't be wise to leave her alone for long periods.

#4. Himiko Toga:


Himiko Toga likes blood. That is one fact you need to know about the next entry on our list from the hero anime, Boku No Hero Academia. Himiko is a high school girl who is incredibly cheerful, fun to hang around with as long as you are willing to look over her thirst for violence and blood.

She loves blood as much as she loves you and will enamor you often with her beauty and how lovely bleeding is. She is an untamed beast who will not give up on anything that she wants and will go through extreme lengths to get it in her fangs, or needles in this case.

She is the anime Waifu who will turn you bad and reward your villainy as long as it aligns with her ideals and makes you feel pure ecstasy with her smile. While the previous entrants on this list will make you feel calm and safe, Himiko Toga is the Waifu that will make you taste danger in its most primal form.

She is the Waifu that will make you feel Fuzzy in your Stomach, all for the wrong reasons. If you like Himiko Toga, you should check out these Himiko Toga Body Pillows from our collection.

#5. Zero Two:


If Himiko Toga is too much of a challenging ride for you and you would like to take a step back from all the blood, then you will fall in love with our darling Zero Two from the anime Darling in the Franxx. Zero Two is the cheerful, easy-going, bold, Waifu who enchant you with her simple beauty.

Zero Two is a Wild Waifu who will make you feel the thrill of real adventure and allure you into the most dangerous situations you will ever get into in your life. But despite her wild personality, Zero Two is kind and will take care of her beloved and cherish him with all of her beings.

She is not afraid to show her affection in public and does not care about anything others might say or think about her. The only thing that Zero Two gives any qualms about is her beloved, and if you like Zero Two and she is your Waifu, then be sure to check out Zero Two body pillows from our collection.

#6. Rias Gremory:


Next up is the Demon Princess Rias Gremory from the King of Harem anime, Highschool DxD. Rias is compassionate, kind, optimist, and most of all, she is a Waifu with class. That is not to say that other Waifus don't have grace, but Rias, as a Waifu, is in a league of her own.

Rias loves rating games and is bold enough to rate you if you are brave enough to challenge her openly. She has a raging competitive spirit and a fiery demeanor. But, aside from all her pride, Rias is sensitive and can get jealous quickly. Even if you talk to any other girls or, more so, get interested in any other anime Waifus for that matter. This is not something that we recommend.

Other than this, Rias Gremory is the Demon Waifu of your dreams who is willing to go to great lengths for the sake of her love. She loves with passion and if you want to feel her warmth, be sure to check out our Rias Gremory Body Pillows collection.

#7. Megumin:


If anyone tells you that Megumin is not a great Waifu, then morality requires that you do them justice and make them feel the EXPLOSION! Megumin is the Arch Wizard from the parody anime KONOSUBA who is obsessed with explosion magic.

She is loud, boisterous, but most of all, she is a crimson demon who loves to cast huge explosions. Megumin is known for her chuunibyou theatrics and loves strange names. All this is just normal for her Crimson Demon race, but what sets her apart from the rest of her peers is that Megumin loves to light things on fire and cause massive explosions.

While she may get arrested for arson, she is a Waifu that you will fall in love with immediately due to her quirks. No matter how weird or Illegal they may seem.

Megumin likes to invest all her stats in her explosion magic because she wants to cast the PERFECT EXPLOSION! And to that effect, she may even make you explode differently; but in all and all, she is the passionate Waifu that we all want in our lives. If you like the fiery and vibrant nature of Megumin, be sure to check out our collection of Megumin body pillows that you can't go wrong with.

#8. Asuna:


The kind and forgiving Asuna from the Sword Art Online Franchise might seem indifferent to everything at first, but over the course of the franchise, she has become one of the most beloved and popular Waifus in anime. She is one of the most caring and loving characters on this list, and to the effect, she will not hold anything back to help you if she finds you in any trouble.

But, if you challenge Asuna in anything, then you are in for a different story. She will not stop at anything to win the challenge and even will duel you to the death if you provoke her too much. And as kind and caring as she might be, this shows that Asuna can be deadly and quite ruthless if you were to make her angry or become too chummy with any other anime girl in her presence.

She is responsible, has good looks, and has an incredible personality that will make her fall in love with you over and over again. If you think Asuna is the one for you, then be sure to check out our lineup of Asuna body pillows from our collection.

#9. Nakiri Estate:


The proud heir to the Nakiri Estate and the Principal of the Totsuki Gakuen, Nakiri Erina from Food Wars, is moody, competitive, and as fierce as one can be. She boasts the infamous "God Tongue" and looks down on anyone who does not prove their worth to her. She has a haughty personality, but Nakiri also has a soft side.

She has a tsundere personality, who loves playing cards and the occasional long walks at night after a long day at work. She is willing to make compromises for the ones she loves and is even ready to leave her job behind if the situation demands.

Nakiri Erina is a Waifu who will make you have food orgasms with her cooking. She quickly gets flustered if you tease her a little bit, and although it is hard to get close to the high and mighty Nakiri Erina, she can be a handful to deal with sometimes. Erina, as a Waifu, is in a beauty class of her own with a tsundere personality that you can't help but fall in love with instantly.

#10. Takarada Rikka:


And last but not least, we have the cool, hip, and sometimes aloof high school girl from SSSS Gridman, Takarada Rikka. She is a reserved, mature character who is also emphatic to others. Rikka is willing to help others without ever expecting anything in return.

She is also incredibly susceptible to different situations and is primarily unfazed by anything that comes her way. Rikka is also great at keeping her emotions in check, but her eyes display them all. They are just too enchanting.

She also has the best thighs in the business, and Rikka is the Waifu that you will keep coming back to no matter how many years pass by or, how many Waifus have.

So, this was my list of Top 10 Anime Waifus. There are a ton of other Waifus out there like Senjougahara, of course, SpeedwagonHoloMakise Kurusu, and many more.

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So, what do you think? Are there more cute girls who you think are more deserving to be on this list?
Do share your opinion.

Your feedback is appreciated.


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