Top 10 Husbandos

Top 10 husbandos

Anime has always been able to flutter our hearts with its cute and reliable Anime Waifus. But that is not to say that the male counterpart, the husbandos, comes short of anything. Some may argue that husbandos in anime have a way to sway our hearts differently and make us go Kyaa.

So, here is a list of the Top 10 Husbandos in Anime who will make your heart flutter. And without any further wait, let's get into it!


Sebastian Michaelis:

Sebastian Michaelis

To start things off, we have the best butler, Sebastian Michaelis, from the anime Back Butler. Now, Sebas may be a Demon and may even be there for the sake of devouring your precious soul, but he is 'one hell of a Butler' who will take care of you to the grave and back. He knows how to run a household, can cook incredibly well, despite lacking the ability to taste human food. But most of all, he is Sebastian Michaelis, a demon with a devilish smile who will steal your heart in a blink of an eye.

Seriously, who can resist such a handsome devilish Butler like him? Yet, as previously mentioned, Sebastian is a devil hiding a dark, sadistic nature behind his calm and kind-looking beautiful face. He is the husbando who will make you want to go bad, and epically give up on your soul and everything for him. He is a devil incarnate, with a sarcastic sense of humor, and loves cats. If you are interested in Sebastian, then be sure to check out Sebastian Michaelis Body Pillows right here to have a taste of the devil himself.

Kakashi Hatake:


Next, we have the handsome, good-looking Ninja with a class, Kakashi Hatake from the infamous anime Naruto. He is the Sensei of team 7, the 6th Hokage of Konohagakure, and 100% husbando material.He is famed as Kakashi of The Sharingan and is well known among his peers for hiding his face. However, what we do know about Kakashi is that he is a romantic who is an avid reader of Jiraya's adult novels, the Icha Icha series.

He knows how to court and will make sure that you have a fantastic time with him.And, unlike Sebastian, Kakashi is not evil. He will make you feel what love truly is without making you put your soul on the line and will even protect you from all the dangers that the world has to offer. And if you are interested in the masked Ninja from the Hidden Leaf village, be sure to check out our Kakashi Body Pillows here.

Gojo Saturu:


Gojo Satoru is very much like Kakashi, but he has his differences. Now, Gojo does wear somewhat of a mask on his eyes, which we will get into a bit later, and he is a teacher at Jujutsu Tech. These are all the similarities that he has with Kakashi Sensei. And no matter how many parallels fans might draw between the two, that is all commonalities he has with Kakashi.

Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer that Humanity has to offer. Nevertheless, Gojo Sensei is pretty easy-going despite his prestige and will joke around on just about anything. He may be the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer on the planet, but he is one of the most humble and caring husbando you will ever encounter in anime. 

For many fans, the most notable feature of Gojo Satoru is his eyes. Gojo Satoru is hiding from the world these jewels behind his eye mask. They are so beautiful that if you aren't careful, you will find yourself lost in them. Gojo is the husbando of your dreams, who will not only treat you right but will also show you how gorgeous the world can be through his orbs.

Levi Ackerman:


And of course, no husbando list is complete without the beloved Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Levi is by far one of the most popular characters on this list, who, despite having a lack of emotional expressions, is one of the most loved husbandos ever. Although Levi usually does not show any emotions, he hides an ocean of feelings and experiences that he goes through every day behind his stoic face. 

He is a compassionate man who cares deeply for his loved ones and is not afraid to show it if the situation ever desires it. Even if it is some hard love, that may be too hard for you to swallow. Levi is the husbando who will love you to the moon and back. He will uplift you, look over you, and make you strive for more. Levi may be short but always carries himself with the pride of humanity. He is the strongest Titan killer that society has to offer. And Being from the Ackerman family, Levi has superhuman skills that complement him well.


If you like Levi and want to know what it's like being with Captain Levi Ackerman. Then Be sure to check out our Levi Body Pillow here.



Levi was high on Superhuman physical ability, but Saeyoung here has Superhuman hacking skills. Although not technically from an anime, he is from an anime-like game called Mystic Messenger. And the only reason he is on this list is because of his charms. Saeyoung is your best hacker friend, who can essentially hack into anything and get almost any kind of information that you can think of.

He is a caring husbando who can be very appealing and somewhat annoying with his minor pranks at others. But one thing that we all can agree with is that Saeyoung's sense of humor sets him apart from other husbandos on this list. Saeyoung can make you laugh in the most unexpected way possible and light up your day with his smile. And to add, despite coming off as a bit cold, Saeyoung cares deeply for his loved ones and is even willing to go the extra mile should the need ever arise.

He is a loyal husbando who will make you laugh with his charms and make sure that you fall in love with him over and over again. If you want to experience Saeyoung's love, check out our Saeyoung Body pillow collection right here.

Todoroki Shoto:


Todoroki from My Hero Academia comes off as a cold-hearted individual at first. But, when you get to know him, he is as kind and honest as they come. The remarkable thing about Todoroki after his cold yet fiery demeanor is that; he will take anything that you say to him in a literal sense.  You could be talking about how his gorgeous smile makes your heart skips some beats, and our Todoroki here would think that his smile is soo threatening that it is making it difficult for you to breathe.

He can get a bit aloof like that sometimes, but that makes him even more appealing and enticing. And to add, he is the husbando that will make you feel cold in summer and much warmer in Winter. Todoroki can use both Fire and Ice, and you can be sure to have a great time with Todoroki, who, despite not being a man with many words, will sincerely make sure that you feel loved with him.

If you are interested in our sugar and spice husbando Todoroki, then be sure to check out our Todoroki Body Pillows here to get to know more about him.

Makoto Tachibana:


But if Todoroki is just too innocent for your tastes, then our next entry, the bishounen Makoto Tachibana from the anime, Free! It should be the best match for you. Okay, Makoto can't control the temperature around you, but he is a very cool and calm individual who will make you feel warm and fuzzy with just his endearing smile. He is just the sweetest and caring husbando with green eyes, a toned body that will make your mouth water, and a wholesome/ kind personality.

Makoto Tachibana is the Prince of your dreams, who is ready to help you and fix all your problems in one sweep. But that is not to say that Makoto is a very strong husbando; he will get scared if you ever talk about ghosts, but when the time comes for him to take action, Makoto will act despite his reservations and fears for your sake.

He is the perfect husbando who will listen to all your problems with a sincere smile on his face. Almost fixing half of your concerns right then and there and making sure you resolve all your matters later on when the time is right.



Being as popular as he is, many anime fans consider Astolfo a trap, but he is a full-on boy. But that is not to say that those anime fans are wrong. Astolfo does take the term Bishonen to a whole new level with his looks. He is just one of the best-looking husbandos on this list who will make you fall in love with him at first sight. He is also one of the kindest individuals you will come across in anime, who is even willing to sacrifice himself for someone he just came across and put everything Astolfo has in danger to help them out if he likes them enough.

Astolfo will enamor you with his optimism and quirky personality. He is the type of husbando who will take you on long adventures to see the world and indulge in all the luxuries that the world has to offer. Astolfo knows that life is short and won't have things any other way.


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Victor Nikiforov:


Victor from Yuri on Ice is a Celebrity. He is as charismatic, captivating, and as flirtatious as they come. But he is not a husbando to be taken lightly. Victor is assertive, open-minded, and a somewhat easy-going individual who, just like Astolfo, does what he likes and doesn't pay much mind to instructions or orders, for that matter. And may even come off as childish at times.

But despite this, Victor is quite self-aware and knows what he can and can't do. Victor loves Potato Shochu, but he loves you even more and is incredibly affectionate. Victor is the husbando who will take you on long walks, court you correctly on a date, but more so, make you fall in love with Ice Skating.

If you have never skated in your life, Victor's beauty and charm will make you fall in love with it and make you want to be in the ring with him. However, no matter how charming and calm Victor seems, he has a soft and blushful side to him.

With just a bit of teasing, you can make Victor act a bit tsundere, which adds to his appeal and makes him a delightful husbando to have around with you.



Victor Nikiforov, as mentioned, can act a bit childish. Still, nothing even comes close to the innocent nature of the last entry on our list, The God of fortune, happiness, War, and Calamity, Yato from Noragami. He is a mischievous God who will grant your wishes for just 5 Yen. Yato dreams of building himself a temple of his own one day, but that dream is far-fetched, and he has a long road of 5 Yen coins ahead of him to collect enough funds to build his temple finally.

But that is not to say that Yato does not care about anything else. Yato cares deeply for his friends and Shinkis, where he has put his own life in danger for their sake on multiple occasions. Yato may be a God who has lived a very long time, but he is a loyal friend who will stop at nothing to protect them, should the need ever arise.

But, when he is not fighting other Gods and helping others out, Yato can get too lazy and loiter around for months if someone doesn't come around and admonishes him. He is a husbando who needs your love and affection every so often along with hard love, but when the time comes, you need any help or Backing, Yato is there for you to lean on and will take care of everything for you.

So, that was my take on Top 10 Husbando's an anime that will make you go Kyaa. Don't worry if you feel like I have missed some great husbandos like Daisuke Kambe, Aru Akise, Sasuke, Lelouch, or more calm characters like Nifuji or even Ohta. These are great characters who deserve a spot, but this is just a casual take on Top husbandos based on my personal opinion.

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