Hatsune Miku Body Pillow

13 products

13 products

The body pillow of the famous idol Hatsune Miku!

Are you a fan of the singer Hatsune? Then you'll find plenty of cushion covers featuring the star Hatsune Miku here. Perfect gift for all those who dream of having her as a Waifu. As you know, she is pretty, bubbly and she will rock you at night with her songs.

Why a Hatsune Miku body pillow? 

It's pure bliss to listen to Hatsune while snuggling up to her with her dakimakura cushion cover. She quickly became the first great pop music idol to be completely virtual. You will have the chance to fall asleep and wake up to the sweet sound of her voice. She is beautiful and tall, but you can recognize her, especially by her long turquoise hair. Do you know that Yamaha's keyboards directly inspired her design, shape, and color?

Who is the Waifu Hatsune Miku ? 

This character has the particularity of not being from a manga but is the avatar of a bank of synthetic voices known as Vocaloid. Her voice was created by combining the recording of the singer Saki Fujita.  Hatsune Miku was created by Crypton Future Media. She represents a young girl of 16 years old measuring 1 meter 58 for 42 kilos. She has long turquoise blue hair and blue eyes. Her voice is that of Saki Fujita, an actress. Her object is the Negi, it is a kind of leek. Hatsune Miku means "First Sound of the Future". Miku had the right to her own manga "Hatsune Mix" not commercialized outside Japan.