Rumi Usagiyama Body Pillow <br/>  Rumi Usagiyama
Rumi Usagiyama Body Pillow <br/>  Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama Body Pillow
Rumi Usagiyama

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Dakimakura Rumi Usagiyama In Uniform

Rumi is a pro-hero who won the hearts of many fans of manga and anime, and more than one way. It is, therefore, quite natural that they want to have it close to them. The easiest way to get closer to your waifu is of course through bedding. Easy to install, easy to maintain and takes up little space. So towels, duvet covers, quilts, covers and many more. And at the top of this chain, the waifu pillow, the dakimakura! The only object that allows you to hug your favorite waifu in your bed before falling asleep.

Rumi Usagiyama is a rabbit woman. It therefore has all the characteristics. She has big rabbit ears, like a Waifu who has the kemonomimi style (and without a pair of human ears). She has a small bushy tail, like rabbits. And of course, what has awakened certain hidden part of their psyche to certain otakus: powerful legs, these combat weapons . It is therefore, just in the alter, the most thicc waifu of the manga, if we exclude Mount Lady which is in another category

Rumi Usagiyama Sexy

His costume is a letotard with a moon in the center and high tights, tights (sometimes socks) that go up to the thighs. So this highlights a rather muscular body part of the waifus that some Otakus like: the Thigh, the thighs. And that alone is enough to make her sexy. His character, for some fan of waifus, exudes eroticism. So it wasn't long before a version of Rami's dakimakura was created, mixing both the Pantyhose tore and the Leotard. In short, all this is thought to provoke certain reactions in people who like this kind of design.

A dakimakura or anime body pillow cover is a pillowcase with the design of the character of your choice. On this page, you have the case by itself. If you desire to acquire the inner pillow, take advantage of our bundle promotion. Those pillows are great for feeling closer to your favorite waifu or husbando, improving your sleep and keeping you company.
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Choice of material: Peach Skin / 2Way Tricot

The Peach Skin material is perfect for its softness. It is as soft as the skin, resistant to stains, and easy to wash. Because of its unfailing durability, it is often a trendy choice.

The 2Way Tricot fabric is the best to snuggle in. It is known for its premium quality that keeps you warm on cold nights and doesn't get too hot on warmer ones. It will be a perfect choice for those for whom comfort comes first.

Product information:

  • Size: 40x120 cm & 50x150cm & 50x160cm
  • Peach Skin fabric: High-quality print, vibrant colors, and long durability.
  • 2Way Tricot fabric: Premium quality, High print precision, best elasticity/stretch, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, best warmth.
  • Printing: Digital sublimation printing
  • Durable
  • Double-sided printed 

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